Why You Should Choose Online Quran Classes

Posted on April 19, 2021 by Alim Live

If you are practicing Muslim, you will agree with me about online Quran classes,

When I say, life is impossible for a Muslim without Quran.

But the problem is learning Quran from madras is not easy for every people.

If you want to learn Quran and looking for an alternative way of the madrasa, then welcome. Here in this article, I am going to talk about why you should choose online Quran classes.

This article is also helpful for people who already decided to learn Quran through online Quran classes but have hesitation. So, without wasting any time, let’s know why you should choose online classes.

Reasons for learning Quran from online

As a Parent Easy to Monitor Kids’ Performance
Do you know what the most challenging fact for teaching Quran to kids is? It is their performance monitoring. If you admit your kid to the madrasa, you can’t monitor your kid’s learning properly because it is almost impossible to visit madras and talk about your kid learning with the madrasa’s teacher. On the other hand, when you enroll your kid in the online course. It is become easier to monitor kids’ performance. You can check what your kid is learning every day. When his/her online class starts, you can sit beside your kid and check how the teacher is teaching. Even you can call teachers to know about your kid’s learning report.

Travel Free
It is another great advantage of online Quran class. As a student, if you admit to a madrasa, you will need to travel to reach there if you are not living beside the madrasa. It is a time-consuming fact. Moreover, if you are attending classes in school and madrasa, then it will become tough for you.

However, if you enroll in online Quran classes, you don’t need to go out of your house. You can start learning from anywhere with the help of a device. Even if you want, you can learn Quran from online classes in your school library in an off period.

Take Less Time Compared to Traditional Madrasa
Do you know what the most common cause for people not learning Quran is? It is time. If you ask people why they don’t learn the Quran majority of people will answer that they don’t have enough time. In this modern age, people became very busy. Thanks to the online Quran classes, now you can learn Quran without spending too much time.

You can learn Quran by spending 30 to 45 minutes. It is significantly less than learning from the madrasa.

A Lot of Options for Choosing the Teacher
If you want to learn something, you will need a teacher. Everyone’s learning curve is not the same. That’s why one teacher is not perfect for everyone. One student may find one teacher more helpful. On the other hand, another student may not find that teacher not helpful. That’s why teacher choosing flexibility is a concern for students.

However, online Quran classes solve the problem of choosing a teacher. Online Quran classes have numerous teachers. This means you can choose a teacher on your own wish. If you find one teacher is not working for you, then you can move to another teacher.

Time Flexibility
This is another advantage of online Quran class. For people who work in daily jobs, it is almost impossible for them to learn Quran from the madrasa. Because they don’t have time to attend the class on madrasa time, here online Quran class comes into play. You can learn Quran from online classes at your preferred time. Online Quran classes give you the option to choose your learning time. Even if you find that your learning time is occupied by other work, you can change that also.

Final Words
Learning Quran is not just like learning to read a book and a foreign language. It is more than that as it is a holy and guide book for Muslims. That’s why people should learn Quran perfectly. There was a time when people had time to learn Quran from madrasa, and at that time, every mosque offered Quran classes. But now, every mosque doesn’t offer Quran classes. Therefore, online Quran classes became so popular.

If you were wanted to learn Quran from online courses and had hesitation about it, I hope you will have a complete idea about online Quran classes after reading this article.