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Learn Quran Online With Best Teachers

As a part of our online Quran courses, we offer free trial sessions. Attend trial sessions with native Arab teachers from Egypt and with non-native teachers. Book the FREE trial session as per your suitable timing. Attend the demo sessions today and feel the difference in learning. You can attend these sessions via Skype or Zoom. The instructors will be happy to clear all your doubts regarding the online course you are opting for. This will help you decide whether you want to go ahead with those sessions or not.

Learn Quran Online With All Tajweed Rules

Highly Trained & Extremely Capable Male & Female English Speaking Quran Teachers

AlimLive is your one-stop destination for best online quran classes for beginners, online quran classes for kids and online quran classes for adults. Hundreds of individuals and families recommend this learning platform after attending their sessions. Only experienced teachers with proper academic background in Quran classes are part of our team. So, if you wish to learn Quran online without spending a lot of money, you can trust this portal.

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Why Choose AlimLive to Learn Quran

AlimLive offers online quran classes for beginners, online quran classes for kids and online quran classes for adults with its economical and flexible classes. World’s finest teachers from Egypt, UK, and other countries teach your children the Quran in easy-to- understand language. One-on-one live interactive sessions make these online Quran classes more effective than group learning. Track the progress of your children while they gain invaluable knowledge. Attend the classes at the comfort of your home at the time of your choice. The teachers don’t just recite what’s present in the Holy Book of Quran. They make sure you understand the message clearly. Wherever required, they use real-life examples and incidents to ensure every message stays in your mind forever.


Easy-to-understand Quran Courses, Arabic Courses, and Islamic Studies Courses

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Quran Classes for Beginners

Learn the basics of the Quran in the simplest possible manner. A strong beginning makes the path to receive further knowledge easier.

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online Quran Classes for Kids

Want the kids to learn the Quran by heart? The qualified teachers help you to raise your children under the shade of the Holy Book without sending them out.

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Islamic Studies Courses

Know all aspects of life and get closer to your CREATOR with Islamic Online Lessons. Suitable for children and adults.


Learn Quran Online With Best Teachers

As a part of our online Quran courses, we offer free trial sessions for Online Quran Classes For Kids,Beginners and Adults. Attend trial sessions with native Arab teachers from Egypt and with non-native teachers. Book the FREE trial session as per your suitable timing. Attend the demo sessions today and feel the difference in learning. You can attend these sessions via Skype or Zoom. The instructors will be happy to clear all your doubts regarding the online course you are opting for. This will help you decide whether you want to go ahead with those sessions or not.


Highly Trained & Expert Male & Female Online Quran Tutors

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Assalamu Alaykum, I am a female Egyptian Arabic teacher. I got degree from Al-Azhar university. I have Ijaazah in Hifzul Quran and Tajweed. I have 7 years of experience of teaching Quran for kids.

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I am an Egyptian female Arabic teacher. I am teaching Quran, Tajweed & Arabic to non-Arab. I finished memorization the whole Quran with Tajweed at the age of 22 at Al-Azhar.

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I am an Egyptian female Quran teacher. I am native speaker of Arabic from Egypt. I am raduated from faculty of law Cairo university. May students are learning Quran word by word with meaning from me.


Frequently Asked Questions about Online Quran Lessons

Are there special courses for children?

It is not always possible to send your kids to Madarasa. Managing the classes with their schools can become quite hard.

AlimLive brings you specially designed online Quran classes for kids, Online Quran Classes for For Beginners and Online Quran Classes for For adults. At the comfort of their home, your boys and girls will Tajweed, Quran, and Arabic language according to their age and learning level. They can ask as many questions as they want. The focus is also on developing an interest to learn more about the Quran and Islamic culture.

Do you have both male and female teachers?

Yes, our team consists of both male and female teachers. The kids and female learners can ask for female teachers for a comfortable learning environment. These soft spoken and friendly teachers have memorized the Quran by heart.

Do you offer free trial classes?

Yes, you can get free trial classes before enrolling for online Quran tuition. After receiving these demo classes, you will get to know about the quality of teaching sessions. Then, you are free to decide whether you want to continue with the course or not. For a trial class, you will just need Zoom or Skype software with a working account. Further instructions are provided to you on the spot.

Popular Courses Outline

One of our courses is proposed after taking free online Quran classes. We are offering the following courses:

  • Best Online Quran Courses For Adults & Children
  • Quran Memorisation Courses
  • Popular Courses For Arabic Language
  • Best Online Courses For Urdu Language
  • Best Courses For Islamic Studies

What Parents Say


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Shadul Hassan

I wasn’t sure if online classes of Quran are suitable for my kids or not. On a friend’s request, I attended the trial session by AlimLive. The teachers were friendly and knowledgeable. So, I enrolled my kids for the entire course. I must say their understanding of the Quran has greatly increased. They look forward to these sessions. In fact, they share what they have learned with me and their friends.

Roshanrara Begum

My husband wanted to send Anwar, our son, to Madrasa for learning Quran. I preferred online classes so that his academic learning also goes on smoothly. I found AlimLive after doing some search on Quran classes for kids. They have native and non-native teachers. We chose the one we thought suitable for the kids. A few weeks have passed, and even my husband appreciates my decision.

Shadul Hassan

I would like to recommend AlimLive to anyone who wants to reinforce their knowledge about the Truth. Everything about The Quran and the Supreme Creator becomes so clear after attending the classes from this website.

Best Online Quran Classes for Kids, Online Quran Classes for Beginners & Online Quran Classes for adults by Our Expert Teachers

Alimlive offers online Quran Classes for Beginners , ⁠online Quran Classes for kids and ⁠online Quran Classes for adults with live Quran Courses & live Quran Lessons in uk. This website helps students and teachers connect through social media and spread the teaching of the Quran and the love of God.

We have expert male and female Quran teachers from the Middle East with native Arabic language who teaches Quran to every age group. They are experts in the fields of Tajweed and reciting Quran with fluency in the Arabic language.

Our qualified scholars have spent years studying Islam in the Arab world or abroad. They have been offering this service for over 20 years, and now their Online Quran Classes for Kids, Online Quran Classes for Beginners and Online Quran Classes for adults with live Quran Courses & live Quran Lessons are available to anyone at our platform. They will teach you all of the lessons with the same passion and energy. Whether you want to learn Arabic, Quranic recitation, or Islamic terminology, Alimlive has the best course for you.

Teachers at Alimlive (Online Quran Classes For Kids,Beginners and Adults) are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They provide personalized Online Quran Classes For Kids,Beginners and Adults tailored to meet your needs, schedule, and location. You can arrange one on one free trial class to see if it suits your needs.

Private tutors from our online reliable Quran Academy are available to teach you Arabic or learn how to read and recite the Qur'an over Skype or Zoom. The teachers at this academy can provide Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies courses, prepared according to your needs.

Our Online Quran Classes For Kids,Beginners and Adults starts from basic to advance level. Starting from learning Quranic alphabets, reading, writing Quranic scripts moves towards the memorization and translation of the whole Quran.

The Quran memorization courses include:

  • Memorization Of Short Surah
  • Memorization Of Significant Surah
  • Memorization Of The Entire Quran
  • Help To Keep Refresh Hifz

Reliable Quran learning Academy for Online Quran Courses in the UK

Alimlive is the most reliable Quran learning academy that offers best online quran classes for beginner, online quran classes for kids and online quran classes for adults based in the UK. These courses will teach you about the Quran and what it is. We will cover topics such as understanding Arabic, memorizing verses of the Quran, developing a love for Allah through recitation, and more.

There are many great benefits to these Online Quran Classes For Kids,Beginners and Adults. First of all, you will learn the basics of Arabic, the alphabet, vowels, and everything you need to know about Arabic.

In the next part, you will be memorizing verses from the Quran text that is beneficial in many ways; error-free recitation of the Quran, spreading the message of Islam and understanding what the Quran says.

Online courses also include text files so that you can read along while listening. These allow students to practice reading Arabic scripts by themselves on their own time.

The simplicity behind this process is appealing because people get a chance to experience all aspects of reading without having someone nearby who knows how to teach them.

We have millions of people who are learning the Quran and mastering this exciting language, Arabic. The beauty and depth of our courses are our teachers’ simplicity and their effective teaching methodology. You can enroll now in any of our courses or get a free trial lesson.

Key Benefits of Learning Quran Online

Not everyone has time for a tutor or access to an Islamic school in their neighborhood. If you have access to a physical institute, you will travel daily and use your resources. On the other hand, an online quran academy can save your time and resources.

The only requirement is a PC or laptop and a stable internet connection. With only these minimal requirements you can get knowledge from the world's top Islamic scholar at the comfort of your home.

The mere idea of learning the Quran online sounds simple and easy. With Skype, you can learn to read Quran from home with our video lessons by following along on your screen through an interactive interface that highlights each letter as it is pronounced for better understanding.

The benefits of learning the Quran online include:

  • An easy way to learn the alphabet and words pronunciation.
  • The learning interaction is as effective as learning face-to-face
  • We offer one-on-one online Quran classes.
  • Affordable and convenient learning.
  • There are no age, time, or ability limitations whatsoever.
  • Get access from every corner of the world.
  • Available 24/7.

How to Select the Best Quran Learning School to Learn Quran Online?

If you want to learn Quran but don't sure what to do and which institute to join, we have made it simple for you. You can now find live Quran lessons online where top Quran scholars are available to teach students from the UK, USA, Middle East all over the world.

When it comes to selecting the best Quran learning online Academy you need to focus on your requirements and needs. If an institute fulfills your maximum requirements, you can give it a try. Quran is not an ordinary subject that any uncertified figure will teach you. You require an authentic institute that has Ijazah holder scholars.

If you enrolled in an unauthentic academy, your faith gets at risk. Therefore to avoid risks and save your time and money, give us a try and see how our dedicated male and female teachers fulfill your needs.

The Quran learning Academy should have scholars that are expert in their field. They should not only read and recite Quran but also should know the proper rules of Tajweed. These scholars are required to have sound knowledge of Islam and the sayings of the Quran.

Possessing only sound knowledge of the Quran is not enough, also an effective teaching methodology is mandatory. If a teacher has a good amount of knowledge but he is unable to convey it to others, it is of no use to you. Therefore, our teachers use effective strategies to convey their knowledge to others.

Get Unmatched Online Quran Tuition in the UK with Live Teaching Experience

At Alim Live you will get an unmatched Quran lesson in the UK with live experience.

We offer interactive live demo classes with qualified teachers that increase your understanding level and interest as well. We believe in short and precise sessions so that you can learn everything with ease.

Teachers with years upon decades worth of expertise will guide your child on their journey to a new language, cultural understanding, or just peace and serenity through spirituality.

Private tutoring is available at times convenient for you. We offer online teaching via Skype and Zoom if that suits your needs better than setting foot into any other academy where we understand not everyone has neither time nor money readily available.

We have introduced attractive packages at affordable prices. We will make your learning process fun, easy and exciting. Our Quran classes are highly interactive; hence you will find it easier to understand the Quranic verses.

Alim Live Includes Basic and Advance Quran Lessons for Beginners and Adults

For beginners, we offer a Qurani Qaida course for kids. Quran Qaida is a program for kids to learn the Quran from scratch. The course teaches children how to read Quranic Arabic through letters and words. It teaches them how to understand the short ayahs of the Holy Quran.

By teaching kids these skills early, you'll be giving your child a head start that will ultimately pay off down the road.

To help children learn Quran, make sure they can read fluently and accurately in their first attempt. For this purpose, we have designed the ‘Basic Quran Reading Courses for Kids" for kids. We teach them how to memorize passages and reading aloud for accuracy before moving on to more complex aspects of recitation like pronunciation and grammar rules.

After completing the Basic course, they can recite it word by word as well. Quranic Qaida helps children to become fluent in reading or reciting the holy book by itself.

We also have an advanced course for those who want to learn Quran in detail. We cover all the aspects of tajweed, translation, Tafseer, and much more.

Why Alim Live Quran Classes Are More Suitable for Kids?

We make sure that your children and adults are taught by the best of teachers. Our courses of Quran learning, Tajweed, and Islamic Studies ensure you get all-rounded knowledge about our religion.

These courses are perfect for kids because they are tailored and designed with them in mind.

The Arabic courses at our institution will provide your kids with the skills to read, write and speak in modern standard Arabic. These courses provide learners with an understanding of Quranic or Classical Arabic grammar.

Following features we include for the kids:

  • Female teachers are like motherly figures for kids.
  • Kids will get a home-like environment.
  • They will get to learn basic Arabic from scratch.
  • Kids will learn Arabic grammar and pronunciation.
  • Your kids will get to know the meaning behind Quranic words or terms.
  • They will move toward tajweed and Tafseer of Quran with us.
  • Quranic translation becomes easy with us.
  • Induce the habit of self-learning in your kids.

Major Features That Makes Us Unique

Every institute is unique in its sense. Here are our unique features.

Native Arabic teachers

We have native Arabic teachers from all over the world who teach Quran and Islamic studies as a service. So you will be learning at an optimal level of difficulty. The native Arabic teachers from Egypt will guide you and your kids online Quran and Arabic.

Select Timing as per your choice

Timing-wise, we have got it covered too. There is always some time available that works around what suits you best.

Courses from beginner to advanced level

We offer courses from very Basic level to Advance level. At the basic level, we teach Arabic alphabets, rules, and grammar. And at an advanced level, we offer tajweed, Tafseer, and Quran memorization at different stages and translation.

World wide access

You can get the maximum benefit of our online courses at the comfort of your home by accessing our teachers online from any country of the world. The only requirement is internet access and a desire to learn Quran or a new language.

Our specialty includes:

  • High-quality content and teaching methodology.
  • Ijazah holder Male and Female teachers are there.
  • Quality lectures on various topics.
  • Female teachers are available for young girls, women, and kids.
  • One-on-one class for individual learning.
  • Online classes over zoom or Skype.
  • Quran recitation, learning, and memorization courses.
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