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Learn Quran and be close to Allah. Alim Live offers best online Quran classes to teach Quran fluently and efficiently.

Alim Live is highly recommended by hundreds of friends and families for offering best online Quran classes for kids & adults.

We offer top-quality online classes to learn Quran online with professional online Quran teachers. We have years of experience in managing online Quran teaching service for kids and adults.

Our online Quran tutoring services are for the students from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Middle East and all around the world.

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Female Quran Teachers

We offer live Quran classes with female teachers. Parents want the female teachers because ladies and children are more comfortable to learn Quran with the female Quran teachers. We have expert online female tutors who are expert in online Quran teaching for kids and ladies. Female teachers are available with flexible timings and you can select your own timing to take online lessons.

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Flexible, convenient & Economical- Anytime and anywhere-Effective and fast – 30% guaranteed progress as compared with binning. Hand picked tutors from Egypt, UK and all around the world, One-on-one live interactive sessions for children. Parents can view the progress of their children. You can learn online at home and learn Quran faster compared with group classes. You can choose your own suitable timings.

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    We offer free trial sessions to start online Quran classes at home. We offer three free demo sessions with non native teachers and two free trial sessions with native Arab teachers from Egypt. You can book free trial sessions with any of our online Quran teachers according to your suitable timings. We offer online Quran classes over the Skype or over the Zoom. The purpose of offering trial sessions to show you how we offer online Quran classes.

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    Popular Courses

    We have a vast variety of Quran Reading Courses, Hifzul Quran Courses, Tajweed Quran Courses, Islamic Studies Courses, Arabic language Courses and Urdu language courses, so you can have the choice to choose the course which is best suited to your individual needs. We also provide certificate if a student completes any of our courses. Our online courses are offered for all over the year and you do not have to wait to join your desirable courses.

    Alim Live offers special Ijaazah courses for Ijaazah in Hifzul Quran & Ijaazah in Qira’t & Tajweed. These courses are offered for ladies with highly qualified and experienced teachers from Jamiatul Azhar (Al-Azhar University). This course is offered online for the adults who are already able to read the Quran and want Ijaazah or want to learn quran with Tajweed or more styles of Qira’t.Female teachers who deliver online Quran courses for ladies are highly qualified in Qirat and Tajweed. They have degree in Qira’t & Tajweed.

    Learning Quran online is very flexible way to learn Quran at home according to your own flexible and convenient timings. You can start online Quran learning any time. It is the faster way to learn Quran. We have very progressive system of teaching Quran, Tajweed, Urdu and Islamic Studies. You can get guaranteed progress of learning Quran and Arabic language. We provide you 100% flexibility to learn Quran with proper way. You can choose your teacher and set your own timings without compromising on your arrangements and work.

    Are you looking to learn the holy Quran in Arabic with the teachers from Egypt? Female Quran teachers teach Quran with Tajweed, Islamic Studies, Arabic language, Tafseer ul Quran and Hifzul Quran. Native Arab female teachers are available to teach you 24/7.You can join any time and start learning Quran or Arabic with professional native Arab female Quran teacher. Native Arab Quran and Arabic teachers are available for ladies and children.

    Learning the holy Quran Online has been one of most effective and useful procedures that contributes parents, children and young people who would like to learn Quran online at their own home. We offer one-on-one online Quran classes and courses through Skype and Zoom.We offer live Quran sessions with real online teachers who can teach by screen sharing. Online learning Quran in the best way to learn Quran fast. Get a free trail before commenting.

    Alim Live offers Tajweed courses with highly qualified and trained online Quran teachers. This is great opportunity for those people who would like to learn Quran with Tajweed from beginning to advance levels. Male and female online teachers are available to teach Tajweed online. Online Tajweed are able to explain Tajweed rules in English. If you would like to start learning Tajweed from the beginning or already know basic rules then you can start online Tajweed classes.

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    We are specialized in offering online Quran courses and classes for children. We offer special online Quran, Tajweed, Islamic Studies and Arabic language courses for children according to level and age.

    Online classes are offered in friendly educational environment. Online Quran teachers are highly trained and specialised in dealing with children.

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    Our team is made up of highly qualified and professional teachers who are specialist in teaching Quran, Tajweed, Islamic Studies & Arabic language. We have a team of male and female Quran teachers who are dedicate to teach Quran with Tajweed and Arabic language.

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    We offer free trials session before any commitment to start online Quran classes. The sole purpose of offering free trial session for every new student to show how online Quran tutoring works. For free trial sessions you need to download Skype Or Zoom software. Online teachers use screen sharing software and you communicate with you are show you Quran, Qidah and other relevant material on their screen and students can see it.

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    One of our courses is proposed after taking free online Quran classes. We are offering the following courses:

    • Best Online Quran Courses For Adults & Children
    • Quran Memorisation Courses
    • Popular Courses For Arabic Language
    • Best Online Courses For Urdu Language
    • Best Courses For Islamic Studies

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    Highly Trained & Expert Male & Female Online Quran Tutors


    Assalamu Alaykum, I am Arabic teacher. I got degree from Al-Azhar university. I have Ijaazah in Hifzul Quran and Tajweed. I have 7 years of experience of teaching Quran for kids.


    I am female Arabic teacher. I ah teaching Quran, Tajweed & Arabic to non-Arab. I finished memorization the whole Quran with Tajweed at the age of 22 at Al-Azhar. I am teaching Quran with Tajweed for over three years. I teach children and ladies.


    She is native speaker of Arabic from Egypt. She is graduated from faculty of law Cairo university. She memorised the whole Quran. She has been teaching online Quran with Tajweed for over 5 years.