Does Learning Arabic Language Is Necessary To Read The Holy Quran?

Posted on October 26, 2021 by Alim Live

The Holy Quran was revealed on the Holy Prophet in the Arabic language almost 1400 years ago. The Arabs can easily understand the Holy Quran as it is in their native language. But it is found difficult for the people from around the world because they don’t understand the Arabic language. The Holy Quran is translated in almost every major language of the World. The main purpose is to deliver the message from the Allah Almighty to the mankind. So, it is not a sin to read the Holy Quran in any other language besides the Arabic rather have the equal reward to read it in any of the language. It is necessary for every Muslim to read and understand the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran was revealed in the Arabic language because it is so rich that the emotions and feelings can be easily described making the message clearer than any other language in the world. If the Arabic terms are translated in the any other language, it compensates the meaning of that term but can deliver the main objective of that term. So, reading the translated version of the Holy Quran can leads us to understand the main objective but cannot make us understand the emotions and feelings behind the message and make us illegible to go in depth of that message.

It is important for every Muslim to understand the Holy Quran with the proper meaning of the message delivered to us by the Allah Almighty. Moreover, in today’s era the mullahs and other extremists are misleading the society by casting the wrong meanings of the verses from the Holy Quran as it is translated into a different language making the main objective and its meaning vague. Every person should first understand the Holy Quran by himself by reading the translated version or by going to a government verified scholar. Then learn the Arabic language to understand the proper meaning of the Holy Quran. As the Arabic language have a vast vocabulary and have dozens of meaning of the single word. Every translator translates it by their own level of understanding and also it is impossible to translate Arabic language to any other language as it has the richest vocabulary than any other language in the World.

Reasons Of Learning Arabic As A Language

  • The most essential reason to learn Arabic is that Allah almighty chose this language and made it superior over all other languages by specifying it as a language of Quran. This explanation is enough for the lover of Allah and his messenger (peace be upon him), to learn Arabic.
  • It is best to learn Arabic if we wat to achieve enlightenment from the teachings of holy prophet (peace be upon him) and Quran.
  • To offer your prayers and worship Allah with complete devotion. You should have knowledge of Arabic to intensify your devotion towards the worship of Allah whole heartedly.
  • Apart from learning Quran and acquire knowledge of Islam. There is also huge variety of comprehensive Arabic literature, revolutionary and scientific inventions from which you can acquire knowledge of worldly studies. Moreover, there is vast range of Islamic legacy which you can easily study without any translation or helper.

It now becomes very easy for every person to learn any of the language because there are hundreds of online courses available that offers online teaching of the languages as with the ease of the people around the World. There are various websites working to teach Arabic as a language. They specially offer Quran learning courses and Quran memorization courses which in turn help in learning Arabic.