Terms of Service With Alim Live Tutors UK

If you registered and started online Quran classes for yourself or for your children then you have to abide by with the following terms and conditions:

Fee and Pricing Policy

Fee is paid in advance and it is required to be paid before the start of 2nd or 3rd class after the trial class. Your payment date is usually when you start your lessons after the trail session/ sessions. You have to pay the fee within one week after starting the lessons. The lessons will be stopped if the fee is late. We appreciate to pay the fee as soon as possible.

If you did not pay the fee within one week after your payment date then your lessons will be stopped and your online Quran tutoting service will be resumed after the fee is paid fully.

We request you to pay the fee without delay so we can pay the salaries and other expenses on time.

If you have any issue about late fee or any concern about fee or payment then please contact admin as soon as possible so that your lessons are not stopped.

We encourage to pay by standing order or direct debit. It is easy and we do not have to remind every week and every month for the payment. You can set up monthly direct debit or standing order.

Cancellation and Reschedule Policy Of Quran Classes

If you would like to reschedule your Quranic classes then you need to inform admin at least 6 hours before the arranged time for the lesson

Please note that sometimes we remind when your arranged class is started because of courtesy. To remind for Quran, Tajweed & Hifzul Quran classes at real time is not our responsibility. It is your responsibility to be ready 5 minutes earlier so that you can get full duration of class time.

If the student comes 5 minutes late or 10 minutes late or more later then the teacher is responsible to give you remaining time of your class time because online online Tajweed tuition work clockwise and we can not ask the students who are next to wait for their Quran lesson because the previous student was late.

We obliged to reschedule the classes or refund if you could not complete your plan in one to two months for example if you take 2 sessions in a week then you should take 8 sessions to in a month and if you take 3 sessions in a week then we have complete 3 sessions to in a month.

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is very fair. We offer full refund of the whole amount if parents/ students change their mind before starting of their Quranic courses UK.

When online Quran learning classes are confirmed and you have started the Quran courses online then the refund is not arranged. If we fail to provide you, your agreed Quran tuition then you can take make up classes. If we are not able to give the make up lessons then the refund will be given.

If you would like to stop your online Quran learning course then you need to inform us one calendar month in advance before stopping the course. If you stopped your lessons then full refund is not possible or it might be delayed.

If the invoice is issued then it is considered the income so we can offer you classes for this month instead of refund. It is advisable to change the price plan before the due date if you wish to increase or decrease the online Quran classes.

If your current teachers leaves for any reasons then we will arrange a replacement teacher until your plan is completed. Once you have completed

According to the Data Protection Act and according to the ouu own contract with the teachers, they are not allowed to exchange their contact and the same way parents and students are also strictly prohibited to exchange their contacts with the teachers. If we found the parents or students exchange their contacts then we may not refund their fee.

Rescheduling Or Make Up Of Online Quran Learning Classes

Kindly note that we charge the fee according to the monthly packages and price plans. We do not take the fee after counting the lessons and classes because it is inconvenient. To avoid counting lessons we extended the four-weekly plans to monthly price plans.

We charge you for four weekly classes but we offer you monthly (almost five weekly) online Quran tuition which means almost in each month you get one to three extra classes. These extra classes are given to compensate if you have missed two to three classes in the same month. However, if you have missed more than found classes then please contact us before making the fee

How To Count If You Have Missed Online Quran Sessions?

We always try to give you extra or free online classes UK but whenever you need to count your monthly lessns to pay the fee then you need to count as four weekly packages from your due date. If you are taking 2 days a week then you need to check if you have completed 8 sessions in a monthly. If your plan is 3 days a week then you need to check if you have completed 12 sessions in a month and if you are taking 4 days a week then you need to check if you have completed 16 sessions in a month. If you are taking 5 days a week then you need to check if you have taken 20 sessions in a month.

We are not responsible to reschedule online Quran session or refund if the online Quran lessons were not taken in two months. You need to contact with admin in the same month as soon as possible if you have any issue about missed classes or if you have any issue about the teacher. If you did not complete your plan in one month so that we can reschedule with the teacher or give you refund or we can adjust the payment in the next month.

How £5 Referent Discount Works?

We offer referral discount when any of the existing family, parents/ student introduces a new student or a family to learn Quran online. If you have referred any student and you wish to take referral discount then you must inform us within a month. We apply referral discount once the new student has paid the fee. We give £5 as a referral discount one time only to the existing student.

We wish you best learning experience with us.

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