Best Online Classes to Learn Quran Online

Quran Memorization Courses for Memorizing the Holy Quran

Many peoples are in the world wants to learn the Quran. Now it is very easy to memorize Quran as compare to old times. Many educational institutes and schools are helping to learn and memorized the Quran through online platform. We can get close to Allah through the Quran. It is the duty of every Muslim, being it is a child, a man or a woman to learn it. Quran is in the Arabic language, tries to learn the Arabic language with its proper understanding, you can join Quran memorization courses online.

Hifzul Quran (Quran Memorization) Course Online

This course is designed for adults and children who want to memorize the Quran. Classes are conducted by qualified Quaries and Huffaaz.

Hifzul Quran Program for Children

Alim Live have unique Hifzul Quran program for kids. Our native Arabic male and female teachers from Egypt have extensive experience in helping the students. We have a huge numbers of recommendations because of hardworking online Quran teachers. Children memorize many Suras in very short time under the supervision of experienced teachers.

Main categories of Hizful Quran

We facilitate three main categories of Quran memorization. Quran Hifz program is available for adults and children from the age of 5 years.

1 – Memorization of short Suras

We offer special lessons to those students who want to memorize some Suras especially last ten suras of the Holy Quran. These Suras are very helpful for little kids to read them in the prayer(Sala). They do not have to rely only on Sura Al-Ikhlaas. These Suras are taught with Tajweed enabling students to read prayer confidently.

2 – Memorization of Significant Suraas

We also help with memorization of some of long and short Suraas. Their virtues are described in Ahaadith. But still leave this on the choice of the students what Suraas they want to learn. Some of students are learning Sura Yaasin, Sura Ar Rahmaan, Sura Al-Mulk etc

3 – Memorization of the entire Quran

Those students who want to memorize entire Holy Quran we help them to memorize it. We always test those students who want to do Hifzul Quran. Somebody body who want to do Hifz must be fluent in Quran reading. Those students are not yet capable of doing Hifz we help them on their Makharij and fluency in Quran reading. For these kind of students generally we offer a short course which is almost 8-10 hours for the capability of Hifz before starting Hifz.

4- Help to keep refresh Hifz

We help those students who did Hifz but they are not confident in their Hifz and they need to refresh their Hifz. Hifz need constant revision and those people who do not refresh it regularly, they need to refresh their Hifz.

There many Huffaz who are already revising Hifz with us to refresh their memorization. There are other Huffaz who need to revise Quran in front of Hafiz who can correct it before leading Traweeh prayer. We help both kind of Huffaz in their revision and refreshing their Hifz.

Some Ways to Memorize the Quran

There some simple way for Hizul Quran. You need just follow these and Insha Allah these will help you in Quran memorization.

Set A Specific Time

First of all, prepare yourself and select the specific time for memorizing and learning the Quran. Quran memorization is the blessing and reward from Allah means to repeatedly recite verses and words. It is very important to set your target and sequence of Quran learning.

Basic Quran Reading Lesson

To learn the Quran starts from the basic Noorani Qaida. It will help a lot to understand the basic words. Take small steps at the start and be constant.


Muslim parents send their children mosque to learn the Quran. It is the most common way of learning the Quran from a tutor. This method can also be applied very well at this time, however other methods have also be added in which students can learn.

Online Quran Memorization School for Quranic Classes

Muslims who don’t have a mosque nearby or don’t have any facility to go to the mosque for Quran learning, online tutoring is the best option now a days. An online tutor helps us to learn from fundamental and deep meanings of the Quran.

It is a very great way to learn Quran. Most of the Quran learning apps are available to fulfill the student’s needs. With the help of these apps, we can learn word by word with transliteration and learn how to combine the alphabet with each other and make a word with beautiful sound. Audio recitation is also available in apps. We can learn how to translate verses and the right way of pronunciation if he/she making any mistake. It is a definite advantage for a Muslim related to Quran.

Online Hifzul Quran Program

Alim Live provides a facility to take online classes. Students can easily access and choose a teacher of his choice and can learn in any spare time. A teacher is always available to teach

Online Quran Hifz courses is an impressive way of nowadays to memorize the Quran at home. We can learn in a very good way without any difficulty.

Best Age To Start Quran Memorization

There is no age limit to start Quran memorization but little children have fresh mind and they can do Hifz very quickly compared with adults.

Best Online Hafzul Teachers

Any of the Quran teachers can helps with Hifzul Quran but more suitable teachers for Quran memorization is the teacher who himself memorized the Quran. Alim Live provides best online Quran teachers who have expertise to help with Quran recitation and Hifzul Quran for kids and adults.

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