Private Quran tutors & Arabic tutors personally teach Quran at your home. We offer Quran home tuition for children. You can arrange can arrange one of the expert Quran home tutors who can come home and teach your kids. Home tuition is one of the best options to learn face to face in front of teacher. You start learning Quran at home with private tutor. You can set up your own suitable timings with the Quran teachers.

At Alim Live Tutors, we provide excellent Quran home tutoring services for children throughout London. Mostly we provide best private home tutors in East London & Essex. for children London. We have more than 10 years of experience in providing Quran tutoring services for children & adults. We are one of the best Quran institute in the UK. We are passionate about Quran teaching and Islamic education.

Alim Live offers one to one private home private home tuition throughout London. Parents can arrange one to one Quran lessons at their home with private Quran teacher. Quran teachers are available Monday to Friday and over the week to teach the children. One to one private home tuition is very easy & best option for the parents who can’t pick and drop their children to Mosque.

We have specialised Quran teacher who are specialised and trained to teach Quran to autistic children and those children who have learning difficulties. You can set up small group of Quran classes and teacher can come home and teach the children in a small group Quran class. Most teachers are based in East London & South East London and offer Quran home tutoring service in surrounding of these areas.

Because of the Coronavirus the parents who were asking for Quran home tutors and sending their children to Masjid, Madrassa are minimizing the personal interaction. In that situation we are offering our best online Quran tutoring service for the parents who want safe Quran learning for their kids.

Effective Method of Learning Quran

The most effective method to learn Quran is one to one at your home. It gives your child fully attention and your child gets alone the full time which is given to 20 to 30 and even more students in group classes in a mosque or anywhere. You child is 30% ahead of other students who are learning in a group classes. You can arrange Quran teacher who can come to your home according to your suitable timings. Alim Live has specialised teachers for autistic children and for those children who have learning difficulty.

Usually one to two one to one lessons at home are enough. This most effective option for those parent who are busy and do not have much time for more classes.

What We Teach?

1)- Quran reading for beginners for adults & children ( Qaidah book with Tajweed rules)

2)- Quran learning and reading with all Tajweed rules.

3)- Hifdhul Quran ( Quran Memorization selected Suras, Juz Amma or memorisation of the whole Quran)

4)- Duas, Salat ( prayer ) & Kalmas etc

5)- MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) for all levels with native male and female teachers

6)- Arabic learning for Quran reading and understanding the language of the Quran

7)- Learning Arabic from scratch including Tajweed rules

8)- Basic Tafseer of Quran

9)- Basic Islamic Studies (Pillars, belief, stories of the Prophet, basic fiqh I.e. how to do wudoo and how to read prayer etc)


AlimLive offers Quran home tuition for children. Professional and experienced Quran teachers can teach Quran to children after school and on weekend.

Quran home tutors can visit in the following areas

CENTRAL LONDON Some areas of Central London
WEST LONDON Most areas of West London


You can set and choose the timings with private Quran teacher. Quran teachers are available to teach after school and on weekend. You need tell us what days/times you prefer.


Average cahrges for Quran home tuition will be from £20 to £25 per one hour for one to three children. The charges are including travelling timing, travelling cost and lesson timing.

If you live far from Quran home tutor’s area or if you are lookig for more affordable one on one online Quran classes and also want more flexibility then you can arrange online Quran classes with Online Quran teacher are available anywhere and anytime.

For further information you can contact us by calling on

  20 7097 4728

  07400 005766

Or call, Text Or WhatsApp on +44 7400 005766 Or contact us by leaving your message.

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