Things You Should Do Before Prayer

Posted on August 14, 2021 by Alim Live

When we offer prayer Infront of the creator, there are certain preconditions which must be followed before starting salah. If these preconditions are not fulfilled, then your salah will not be considered as valid. Let’s suppose if we plan to meet a relative then we will definitely get ready and look neat and clean to develop a good impression. similarly, when we stand Infront of the creator of the whole universe. We should prepare ourselves first to maintain the level of obedience and respect for the Almighty Allah.

The significant preconditions of offering salah are given:

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  • Make yourself purified with ghusl or wudhu
  • Wait for the Adhan or prayer time
  • Make sure your praying area and clothes are clean
  • Cover your body as per Islamic rules
  • Stand for Salah by following qibla direction
  • Do Niyyah to offer prayer

Make Yourself Purified With Ghusl or Wudhu

it is extremely important to prepare and purify yourself both mentally and physically. If you don’t do so, then your prayer will not be validated by the creator and there is no use of offering prayer without purification. Our holy prophet (peace be upon him) also stressed upon the purification before performing salah. He said that no salah would be accepted without wudhu or purification. This hadith is also mentioned in “sahih Muslim”.

Wait For the Adhan or Prayer Time

each prayer has been given a specific time which needs to be followed strictly. If it is the time for performing the Asr prayer, then you can only perform Asr prayer at that time not the maghrib prayer. Prayers must be offered at their prescribed time. In case you missed your prayer due to some serious reason then you can offer it as a Qaza. In this advanced century, you can easily set your alarms according to five different prayer times. Hence, Allah almighty provides five opportunities to the Muslims at varied times in a day, to ask for the forgiveness of sins and get guidance.

Make Sure Your Praying Area and Clothes Are Clean

it is essential to choose the area where you offer prayer. As it needs to be clean perfectly. There is no limitation of a specified place to offer prayer. You can offer prayers on sand, concrete, grass or any other solid surface. However, the area where you offer prayer should be clean and hygienic. They should be no dirt, garbage, or bad smell in the place where you are going to offer prayer. For this purpose, you can also select a separate place in your house where you can easily maintain cleanliness regularly. You can also use praying matt or rug on the floor to prepare the area for offering prayer.

Cover Your Body as Per Islamic Rules

There are some rules in Islam for covering some body areas of man and women. It is mandatory for the man to cover himself At least from naval area to the below kneecaps. While on the other hand, it is mandatory for women to cover her full body. Only face and hands can be shown by the women during prayer. Extra care should be taken for choosing a proper dress while offering prayer. You should not wear inappropriate or tight clothes while offering prayer. The material of the clothes should not be thin enough to reveal your body skin or parts.

Stand For Salah by Following Qibla Direction

The Muslims all over the world turn their faces towards the Kaaba when they offer prayer. Before you start to offer prayer, you must find out the right direction of Kaaba. In this era of technology, it is very convenient to find out Kaaba direction through mobile phones or you can simply ask the residents about the right direction of the Kaaba. The prayer will be considered valid, if you offered prayer in wrong direction by mistake. However, you should know about the direction of Kaaba before offering prayer.

Do Niyyah to Offer Prayer

the niyyah refers to your intention to pray for the sake of pleasing Allah almighty. By doing niyyah, the Muslims also acknowledge that which rakat of a certain prayer they are going to offer before starting the prayer. This intention must be made clear by the heart before starting prayer.

All the information is already mentioned in the Quran, it is necessary to learn Quran for every Muslim to keep yourself close to Allah