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It is important to ensure that your privacy is respected when you are learning online. That's why it is essential to understand the privacy policy of an online Quran learning website before signing up for any courses.

Personal identification information:

  • To ensure the information presented on our Site is accurate and educational, we need limited access to certain details from your profile. This will help us reply to customer service queries and meet any other demands more quickly.
  • The personal information provided by Customers when ordering is only used to facilitate their order and isn't shared with any third-party.
  • We use the email address provided by you to send occasional emails related with your course updates, answers to your queries as well as responses to any of your other requests.
  • Additionally, we take feedback that you provide us in order to make our website better and to improve our services.
Usage of information:

We may occasionally use your information for legal reasons such as law enforcement, safeguarding our or others' rights or protecting the safety of others. Additionally, we may have a need to utilize your information in order to comply with any relevant law and regulations. Primarily, we gather and utilize personal data in order to investigate any issues raised and, where required, to eliminate content that is reported to us.


We prioritize the safeguarding of personal information, username, password; transaction details etc. To do so, we use data collection and storage practices along with security protocols to prevent unauthorized access, alteration or destruction of data present on our website.

In order to protect your data and information, we have developed security protocols that are designed to make it difficult for unauthorized users to gain access. Alimlive.com or any of its subsidiaries are not liable for any attempted breaches of security including any of your information.


This Website automatically collects some information such as IP addresses, the number and frequency of visitors to the Website and individual web pages. This is collected through cookies and we use it for security and monitoring purposes and to manage the Website, to track usage, to improve the Website and to ensure the Website is as appealing to visitors as possible. In case of Rejection of cookies, you will still use most of the features on the Website.

Your acceptance of these terms:

If you disagree to this privacy policy, please do not use our site. In case you continue using our site, you signify your acceptance of this policy.

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