Why Five Times Prayer A Day Is Important For Every Muslim?

Posted on August 13, 2021 by Alim Live

Have you ever thought why Islam is so distinguished from other religions when it comes to offer prayers? Why are Muslims supposed to bow down in front of the creator five times a day?

As a Muslim, the basic aim of our existence is to bow down in front of Allah Almighty and to worship Allah with every possible way of obedience taught by the holy Quran and the holy prophet (peace be upon him). There are five basic pillars in Islam which are mandatory for all Muslims. These pillars are shahada, Salah, zakat, sawm, and hajj. If any of these pillars collapse, it damages the Iman of Muslim, and he would not be able to achieve the ultimate success in the world hereafter which is eternal. As holy prophet (peace be upon him) said that prayer act as a banner of Islam. He further said at a place that the prayer has the position similar to that of the head in the body.

Being the second yet the most significant pillar, Salah (prayer) is obligatory to offer for all the Muslims usually five times a day. However, on Eid and Friday, Muslims have to offer an extra prayer to thank their creator for the blessings. The Muslims all over the world offer their prayers by facing towards the holy Kaaba which is located in Makkah with uniform steps and guidelines taught by the holy prophet (peace be upon him). Each prayer has different number of rakats and timings. Here is the list of these five prayers which are obligatory for the Muslims to offer von daily basis.

1. Fajar (at dawn)
2. Dhuhr (at noon)
3. Asr (at mid-afternoon)
4. Maghrib (at sunset)
5. Esha (at nightfall)

Reasons of Offering Prayers Five Times a Day

Eternal Success
The topmost reason for offering the prayers five times a day is that Muslims obey the teachings and orders of the Allah Almighty and the holy prophet (peace be upon him) at any cost to please the creator of human being. The reason behind this obeyance is to achieve the eternal success in the world hereafter and this success depends mainly on offering prayers regularly.

Connection with Allah Almighty
Muslims are supposed to develop their connection with Allah almighty five times a day. So that they only bow down in front of Allah instead of others and discuss their problems with Allah through a link developed by the prayers five times a day. For the purpose of developing a link or connection with Allah almighty, the prayer is named as “salah” as it refers to the connection in Arabic. Every adult Muslim with no discrimination is required strictly to offer prayers five times a day, if he fit both mentally and physically.

Stops from Evil Deed and Thoughts
By offering prayer five times a day, Muslims remember the existence of Allah almighty who is watching our every action. This act stops us from the evil deed, actions and thoughts. Salah keeps Satan away from Muslims and in turn they don’t get indulge in wrongdoings and sins. The holy prophet (peace be upon him) also narrated this fact through his teachings. Moreover, the wudu before the prayers maintain the hygiene of Muslims. This keeps disease and infections away from them

Peace, Tranquility and Confidence
Five times prayer a day infuses peace and tranquility in the souls of Muslims. They feel confident that someone is listening to their sorrows and griefs. As Allah promised to the Muslims in Quran that he would respond to the believers whoever calls him (40:60). This intensifies the faith and confidence in a human being for the creator.

We as a Muslim should take an inspiration from our holy prophet (peace be upon him) who used to offer prayer all night for the love of his almighty Allah and this act clearly portrays the significance of salah in Islam.