Deena Kasam Raba

My name is Deena Kasam Raba. I am graduated from Al Azhar and have been teaching the last 4 years now.

My intention is to help children so that they love their religion and help them to progress into becoming better Muslims.

It’s very hard to practice the religion in thesedays. However with the right teachings a person can attain this goal.

Allah is our lord and loving him is very important, therefore putting this in a child’s heart is very important.

Nabiha Usman Nabi

As a young Hafiz e Quran, I have 5 years experience of online teaching via Zoom and Skype. I also have experience of teaching tajweed ,duas ,qaida ,basic rulings of Islam and Quran in madrassha . I enjoy encouraging people to read Quran perfectly. I love teaching Quran to young people and children’s .

Mohamed Ayman

This is Mohamed Ayman and I’m Online Quran and Tajweed’s tutor.

I have an Ijazah in riwayat Hafs from A’asim.

I have memorized the entire Quran since 2009.

I have an Ijazah in Tuhfatul Atfal, Al-Jazareyah and Al-Salsabil Al-Shafi.

I have more than 2 years experience of online teaching Quran, Tajweed, Islamic studies, and Arabic to students from different ages.

Experienced Arabic teacher with teaching skills and memorization techniques

to Arabic and non Arabic speakers.

Now I’m studying Qira’at Al’ashr from the Shatibyah wa Aldurah Almudi’ah.

Working toward obtaining Ijazah in the Qira’a of Nafi’.

Working toward obtaining Ijazah in the Qira’a of Asim.

Working toward obtaining Ijazah in the Qira’a of Ibn-al-Katheer.

Muhammad Sayed

I am an online Quran teacher. I teach proper tajweed and how to recite the Quran in its correct way… I am qualified as a hafiz and I have my certificate as well and I am currently in my 4th year of pursuing Islamic jurisprudence. I’d really love to share whatever beneficial knowledge I have to those who are eager to learn the correct way of reciting the Quran.

Abdoalhamed Zngeena

I am teacher for the Quran and Arabic, I have memorized the wholly Quran alhamdallh last 2018 and I started teaching the Quran in a madrasa last year in Glasgow and online teaching a few months ago, I was a privet teacher for two kids for the Quran and Arabic.

I have studied Tajweed rules in Libya and I know both recitations (Qalon an Nafi and Hafss an Assem)

Afaf Tarak Abdelsattar

I am good at dealing with Zoom in communicating and displaying games that attract attention children

I am good at dealing and working in a team or individually

Good at dealing and working under pressure.


From 2003 to 2020. English Language Teacher / Education 20 years experience in teaching English language for middle school at the Ministry of Education

Egyptian education


Bachelor of Arts and Education Department of English Language / Ain Shams University 2003


Joined (This is a guide) to teach dictionaries, the Holy Quran and the rules of intonation in English.

Joined the volunteer (demonstration) team.

(Noor Al-Bayan) course and explaining the book (Fath Al-Rahman) and how it is taught to foreigners.

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