Learn Quran Online Is Very Easy

We offer you an online Quran learning service with our teaching staff, residing all across the world. Our teaching staff is highly qualified and will make learning Holy Quran interesting for you! You will develop a natural love for the Book of Allah!

You can take trial classes and decide for yourself that which teacher you need. We are offering teachers from all over the world because this way you can choose the teacher who speaks your native language. It will make it easy and interesting for you to learn Quran.

Teachers from UK, Asia, and the Middle East

We have a team of qualified teachers from all over the UK, Egypt, Pakistan, India, and Jordan. These teachers are well-versed and highly qualified. They have a great accent and perfect recitation which is melodious to ears!

What do We Teach?

Online Quran Reading Course

We offer an online Quran reading course. Through this course, we will teach you the correct way to recite Holy Quran. We will make you fluent in Quran recitation. For beginners, we offer a Noorani Qaidah. This Qaidah will help you read the Quran with full grip and is the first stage of Quran reading. We will teach you Quran with translation so that it proves to be a guiding light for you. Reading the translation of Quran is very important if you want to use it as a guiding light.

Tajweed Course

We offer a Tajweed course where qualified teachers will teach you the basic rules of Tajweed and the Holy Quran. Tajweed is the recitation of the Holy Quran by following its’ basic rules. You can check our Tajweed course for detailed guidance. Our teachers are graduates from many influential and famous Islamic universities around the world.

Quran Memorization Course

We offer Quran memorization course. Memorizing the Holy Quran is for the blessed ones. Allah loves those who love His Book and learn it by heart.

We have teachers from all around the world who themselves have memorized Quran by heart. Thus, they have various techniques to aid you in memorization of the Holy Quran. We have a separate team of teachers who can handle kids and help them learn the Quran by heart. They have a lot of experience with teaching kids. We guarantee to make you Hafiz-e-Quran within six months, InshAllah.

Arabic Course

We also offer an online Arabic course. Arabic is a fun language to learn and is the language of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Learning Arabic reaps great rewards as you will be able to read Quran more correctly and fluently.

Teachers from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and the UK will teach you Arabic. Our staff has a full grip over the Arabic language. They will teach you all the basics as well as grammar at the initial stage. Eventually, they will move to higher stages and make you fully versed with Arabic.

What do You Need to Join Us?

  • You need a PC, laptop, or a tablet alongside hand-free or headphones. It is better to have a hand-free or headphones as you will be able to hear the teacher.
  • You need a good internet connection.
  • You need to sign up on Zoom or Skype to attend the classes.

More About Our Teachers

  • We have a teaching staff of both males and females from all over the world. The female teachers will teach our sisters and it will be easy for them to learn online and not go to Madrassas.
  • All teachers have Ihaajah in Tajweed and Qirat with an excellent command of these.
  • Quran teachers also Ijazah in Quran memorization.
  • All teachers have expertise in dealing with children.
  • Our teachers are fluent in speaking English. They can teach adults and children in a friendly environment.
  • Our Quran teachers have a great dedication in Quran teaching and they always motivate the student to learn Holy Quran, Tajweed, and Islamiyat.

We promise great results for you. We will make you highly fluent in Quran reading, Tajweed, Quran memorization, and Arabic learning. We offer free trial sessions. You can ‘Contact Us’ for further details. Happy Learning!

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