Quran Classes for Beginners

Online sessions are offered to learn Quran from the beginning. You can start online interactive Quran classes with the teacher of your own choice.

Online Quran Classes for Kids

Can’t drive the children to the mosque? Start learning Quran online for kids in the UK with highly qualified male & female Quran teachers.

Islamic Studies Courses

Learning the knowledge of Islam is compulsory for everyone. We have special structural Islamic Studies lessons for children and adults.

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Arabic Courses

Alim Live offered online Arabic courses for to learn Arabic online at your home. Arabic courses and online classes are offered for kids and adults.

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Online Tajweed Courses

Do you want to learn Arabic quickly with easy and effective way? Learn Arabic online our arabic language classes with an expert online Arabic Native Teacher.

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Quran Memorization Courses For Kids & Adults

Many peoples are in the world wants to learn the Quran. Now it is very easy to memorize Quran as compare to old times. Many educational institutes and schools.

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Learn Quran Online With Live Teacher

Holy Quran is a book revealed by Allah Almighty. Allah directly addressed to man in Quran. It contains guidance for Muslims in every aspect of life.

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