Best Online Quran Classes to Become an Expert

Posted on January 25, 2021 by Alim Live

Facts behind the online Quran classes.

If you’re a Muslim, then you will agree with me,
When I say,
It is impossible to become a true Muslim without learning to read the Quran.
Don’t you?
I think, yes.

Learning Quran became so difficult for us these days because we have become busy in our daily life. For this reason, offline Quran learning is very hard. And online Quran learning became a common trend. Here in this article, I am sharing some online quran classes that can help you become an expert on the Quran.

So, let’s dive into it.

5 Best online Quran Classes

1. Quran reading classes online
This type of class is the most common type of Quran learning classes outside the Arab world. It is designed with the aim of teaching people to read the Quran fluently. It is for people who don’t have any knowledge about the Quran. This class includes learning Arabic alphabets, vowels, words, joining words, and making sentences.

The main aim of these classes to help people to read Quran fluently and solve any difficulties reading the Quran, such as identifying letters and words.

If you’re planning to learn the Quran, it is the first step you can start from.

2. Online Quran recitation classes with tajweed
Reading the Quran is unlike reading other books as it is the words of Allah. That’s why you should read the Quran in such a way that Allah satisfy with your reading.

Online Quran recitation with tajweed designed with keeping in mind of people who can read the Quran and Arabic, but can’t read correctly, as it recommended by the Prophet. This stage involves learning tajweed rules, learning with tajweed rules, and repeating.

A Quran teacher will read the Quran with tajweed, and the student will listen to that carefully. Then the teacher will ask the student to repeat after him/her. It may need several rounds of repeating for correctness. The final aim of this method to teach a student to read the Quran like the Prophet used to read.

3. Quran memorization classes online
Quran memorization is one of the best acts of worship. A Muslim can perform it for the satisfaction of Allah.

This type of class is for those who want to recite the Quran with heart from their memory. The primary goal of these classes to teach the student to memorize the whole Quran. The teacher starts with short surahs. Then they move to the longer one. They also teach knowledge for memorizing forgetful verses. Even they share tips for memorizing Quran in the shortest possible time.

4. Quran Tafseer classes online
As words of the Quran are from Allah, and you need to follow every word of Allah if you want to make your life better in this world and after your death. That’s why the Quran Tafseer is so important for every Muslim. Learning Quran Tafseer is the ultimate level of Quran learning stages. At this stage, students learn the meaning of the surahs, their revelation, and their application in real life. It is the most advanced stage of Quran learning.

For teaching Quran Tafseer, a teacher must have vast knowledge and experience.

5. Online Quran classes for kids
Quran teaching for kids is a crucial fact for every parent. That’s why it is increasingly becoming popular day by day. The main aim of this type of Quran class is to teach kids to love the Quran and Islamic studies.

Online Quran learning for kids is specially focused on help to learn Quran for kids who are below 13. It involves learning of different pre-Quran learning courses. These courses are effective for learning the holy book. This course includes learning Quran reading, recitation, memorizing, Quran learning with tajweed, etc.

Teachers in these classes first take an interview with parents to understand the student’s capability and need. Then they create a curriculum exclusively for those kids and start teaching.

Final words
If you want to be true Muslims and want to make your kids true Muslims from their young age, you must learn to read Quran and teach your children Quran reading. In this article, I provided five online Quran courses that can help you learn Quran quickly and correctly. Besides you, these courses will also help your kids. If you want to learn, take one of these courses and follow until the end. If you do this, I can guaranty you will be able to learn the Quran correctly.