Online Quran Teaching for Children

Teaching Quran to Kids is a Basic Necessity

Teaching Holy Quran to your children is your religious responsibility as parents. It shapes their minds towards religion from early on and saves them from many bad deeds and sins. Reading Quran fluently is a blessing, which your child must get from a very young age.

Quran Teaching Levels for Kids

There are three basic levels of learning Holy Quran for you child.

Level One: Basic Islamic Teachings

In the first level, our qualified teachers will give your child basic Islamic teachings before teaching them Holy Quran. This will develop a love for Quran in your kid’s heart. What’s more? They will get familiar with their religion Islam! Wonderful? That’s right! Islam is a beautiful religion and must be known to your child from early on.

Level Two: Noorani Qaida

We will start teaching your kid Holy Quran from the basics. We will first teach them Noorani Qaida, which will help them form the Arabic words to read Quran fluently. Your kid would get familiar with the words and pronounce them correctly when reading the Quran. He will also learn recitation of small Ayahs and memorize them. Afterall, these Ayahs protect us from many evils and guide us. How beautiful!

Level 3: Reading Quran

After your child has learned the Noorani Qaida and can pronounce the words fluently, we will teach them Holy Quran. We will teach them some basic rules of Quran recitation, which fall under Tajweed. However, if you want your kids to learn proper Tajweed, we offer a separate course for it.

Alim Live guarantees that your child will be able to read Holy Quran fluently within three to four months, InshAllah.

Online Quran Classes UK For Autistic Children

Alim Live has highly qualified and experienced Quran and Arabic teachers for autistic children. We have special Quran & Tajweed courses for autistic children and for those kids who have learning complications. Male and female online Quran teachers are specialised to teach children who have autism. We have special methods of teaching for those children who have learning difficulties. We arrange free trial sessions because arranging the right teacher for the autist child. We have UK based expert teachers who will take initial assessment before arranging demo class. You can contact us for more information. .

Arabic Course for Kids

We also separately offer an Arabic course for kids. Native qualified Arabic teachers will teach Arabic to your kids. This will make it much easy for them to read the Holy Quran. It can also help them memorize it. We know that Arabic is a tough language to learn, but worry not. We will make it fun to learn Arabic for your child.

Quran Memorization Course

We also offer a Quran memorization course for your kids. We will first teach them how to read Holy Quran through the levels we mentioned above. Once they will be able to fluently read the Holy Quran, we will give them small Ayahs to memorize. After helping them memorize small Ayahs, we will help them memorize longs Surahs. Once they memorize the Surahs, we will help them memorize the Holy Quran, bit by bit. It might take about six to seven months in making them ‘Hafiz-e-Quran’, the one who has learned Quran by heart.

The Hafiz-e-Quran holds a great rank in the eyes of Allah SWT. Allah loves the person who loves his religion and Quran.

We know that it is a tough task to make kids memorize the Holy Quran. Thus, we have appointed able and qualified teachers for this task. The teachers have past experience with teaching and handling kids. We will ensure that they will maintain a patient and friendly attitude to help your child memorize Holy Quran and stay intrigued. We will hold small tests from time to time to check their progress and send you the results directly. We are sure you would love monitoring the progress of your child!

We offer you free trial sessions for about two days before you sign up for the classes. You can click on ‘Contact Us’, and we can start right away! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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