Learn Quran for Kids

Online Quran Teaching for Children

The Holy Quran is the final message and last book of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.  It is desire of every Muslim parents to teach their kids at their young age. Parents want to choose the best Quran teacher for their children who can teach the Quran, Tajweed, Dua’s, Namaz and basic knowledge of Islam.

Parents would like to arrange Quran lessons with the teachers who is reliable, consistence and well qualified in Quran teaching and also the teacher should have profound knowledge of about Islam to teach their children according to the needs of children.

Affordable Online Quran Classes for Kids via Skype

Our aim to offer affordable online Quran courses and classes for kids. Online Quran tutoring program for kids is an easy way to learn to read Quran. We try our best to arrange the best Quran teacher who can offer best online Quran teaching for kids without compromising the quality of Quran lessons. We offer mainly online Quran courses for kids via Skype and also use Zoom software to teach Quran online to kids.

Qaidah Course for Children

To learn Quran from the beginning for kids we offer Qurani Qaida course for kids. Qaidah reading course for children is design to teach children alphabet and words and short Ayat of the Holy Quran. After the completing the courses children are able to read the holy Quran. We give free trail sessions to every new student who is interested and wan to start learning the Quran from the beginning. If you worry about your children and wan that they start learning Quran in their early age and wan to compete the holy Quran in their early age then why not arrange free demo session to start learning Quran today.

Basic Quran Reading Courses For Kids

We have specially designed this course for kids to teach them how to read Quran fluently and accurately. To learn how to read Quran, we emphasize first teaching the Quran fluently and also work to reduce major mistakes in the first step. After three to four months in average children are able to read Quran fluently.

The online Quran lessons we offer for children are 30% faster than group classes.

In average children complete Quran learning via online

Quran classes by Skype from the beginning in one year.  Normally children take time to learn to read Quran in group classes sometime it takes 5 to 10 years in average to complete the holy Quran. If you would like for your child to complete the Quran and get Islamic knowledge  faster then you can join online Quran reading course for kids.

Online Quran course for kids is very easy and simple way to start learning Quran online. You can start online Quran lesson straight way through Skype to learn Quran online at home using Skype or Zoom.

Online Arabic Learning Courses for Kids

We have special online Arabic learning courses for children. The native Arabic teachers are dedicated to teach Arabic language for children. You can arrange a native Arabic teacher from Egypt to learn Arabic online for your children.  You can choose the timings for Arabic learning.

 You can choose the timings for online Arabic classes for kids after school or on the weekend. You can also arrange a native female Arabic teacher or male teacher for your kids. We offer best online Arabic classes over the Skype and via Zoom.

We offer comprehensive Arabic courses. We offer reading, writing, speaking courses. We also offer MSA (Morden Standard Arabic) courses and Arabic grammar to learn Quranic Arabic. The purpose of Quranic Arabic courses is to understand the language of the Holy Quran.