Islamic Studies Courses

Introduction of Islamic Studies

The knowledge of Islam is obligatory for every Muslim and we offer a wide range of courses for the scholarly study of Islam to meet your goals and requirements. Our curriculum of Islamic Studies courses are available to children and adults covering all levels.

We teach beliefs of Islam (Eqaa,ed), the pillars (Arkan of Islam), Duaas (supplications) from the Quran and Hadith, social manners of Islam, the stories of the prophets and the life of the prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him.

Basic Islamic Teachings

We offer online courses for basic teachings of Islam and topics include prayer, supplications, and Kalmaas. Learners are given continuous support throughout to learn prayer (Salah), Duas, Kalmas and others codes by heart as well as being taught to read prayer practically. Students are also taught the meaning and understanding of the prayers. This course can be combined with the teaching of Nazizah Quran (Quran reading course)

Courses for children

Courses of Islamic Studies for children year 7 to 10:-

We have a very simple and structured curriculum for kids according to their level of understanding. We teach kids, Aqaaid(Beliefs), Hadeeth (Sayings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH), Fiqh(Islamic Law), Adaab & Akhlaaq (Character), Tareekhul Islam (History of Islam). This learning plan provides with students a reasonable understanding about theological, philosophical, cultural, historical, practical and theoretical basics of Islam.

Courses of Islamic Studies for children year 11-16:-

We have a structured prospectus for those students who want to build up their understanding Islam and want to get deeper understanding about Islam. We provide them opportunities to explore Islam. This complete course has been alienated into 4 levels. Learners are taught comparative of the religions. At the end of this course learners should be able to have comprehension of Islam at confident level and have basic knowledge of systematic comparison of the divine religions (Saami) and their doctrines.

Courses for Adults

Islamic Studies courses for Adults

We have an extensive range of courses of Islamic Studies for adults, who did not have chance to learn by qualified and professional teacher or they want to refresh or increase their prior knowledge. The knowledge of Islam is conveyed from direct sources of Islam without any affiliation with any schools of thought.

We have special arrangements for adults who want learn Quran with proper Tajweed, Arabic, Islamic Studies and Urdu. These courses are very effective to learn the knowledge of Islam by qualified scholars. We also provide chance to those adults who have hesitation to learn Quran with proper Tajweed and need privacy to practice with their accent or pronunciation. We also have arrangement for segregated classes for Tajweed and Quran.