Learn Quran Online with Live Teacher

Learning Quran Online Is Very Easy

Holy Quran is a book revealed by Allah Almighty. Allah directly addressed to man in Quran. It contains guidance for Muslims in every aspect of life. We can achieve success in life by reading the Quran.

Alim Live offers affordable online Quran classes. We give you an opportunity how to learn to read Quran with best Quran teachers. Online Quran learning is very easy and simple way to learn to read Quran via Skype at home. We offer best online Quran classes & online Quran learning with Tajweed & recitation. We also offer online Arabic classes for kids & adults.

AlimLive, the UK’s leading learning portal to learn Quran, Arabic, meaning of the Quran and Urdu language.  We offer flexible online Quran learning amenities to learn Quran online at your home around your existing commitments.  You can pick up the timings for your online Quran classes that you can manage easily and learn Quran online with Tajweed from any location. Online Quran learning is the most manageable and convenient way for the parents who cannot pick up and drop off their children.

Learn To Read Quran Online

Nowadays learning the recitation of the Quran is not very difficult. It is easy to take online classes. We offer online Quran teaching services and also provide free trial classes by which they can let the students decided to take their classes or not. Students of different ages and lives anywhere in the world can learn the Quran.

Why You Need To Learn Quran Online?

Learning Quran online is one if best ways to learn Quran at home with the help of computer/ laptop/ desktop/ mobile & tablet etc. Online Quran learning is as easy & effective as you are learning face to face.

What You Need For Online Quran Classes

All you need is a PC / laptop OR any device, and internet connection.  Alim Live has been established with the aim of teaching Al Quran from basics as well as reading Quran with proper Tajweed rules via Skype. Our online Quran classes UK are fully focused and 30 times faster than group classes.

How We Offer Online Skype Quran Classes

We offer one on one online Quran Quran classes. We use latest software technology and the latest Quran teaching methods under the supervision of UK based Quran teachers.

Learn to recite the Quran online with high qualified & expert Quran teachers. Choose the best Quran teachers from Middle East or from anywhere in the worLearn Quran Online Anytime & Anywhere

We offer very effective and interactive online Quran courses for kids over Skype by using screen sharing options. We also use others screen sharing software and online learning sources to make online Quran learning very interesting for children. alimlive.com the website to learn Quran online. Online Quran learning is 100% effective solution for the children who are struggling in Qaidah reading or taking time to read Quran fluently.

Learn To Read Quran Online

Learning  Quan online via Skype or via Zoom is very convenient and flexible way to learn Quran at a home.  There is no limit of age, time and ability.  Learning Quran by Skype has reduced the distances and give you opportunity to learn Quran over the Skype from USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and UK and anywhere from the world. You can learn Quran online by Skype from United State of America and anywhere from the world.

Online learning is best choice of busy people now a day. It is very effective process of learning. They can learn any free time. Many mobile applications and other services are available for learning like Skype.

Male And Female Tutors

We offer male and female tutors who are available to teach the holy Quran.  Presence of female teacher is helpful for those females who don’t want to learn from male tutor. Online Quran classes are available 24/7 for learners.

Best Online Quran Academy

We offer best online Quran classes form Egypt and also offer online Quran classes from Pakistan. Most of the students who don’t have any specific Quranic academy or a Quranic institute. They adopt this type of online institutes for this purpose. These days a large number of people are learn Quran by online Quran teaching services. Learning Quran online is very easy and comfortable. By this, most of the people get Quranic education. It needs a registration process by which students can get registered in any basic or advanced course. AlimLive is very reliable online Quran academy and provide valid Quran education students.

Simple Steps To Start Skype Quran Classes

  • You need a computer or laptop, tablet or any mobile​ which has a reasonable big screen.
  • You need internet connection
  • You need download Skype
  • Create a free Skype account.
  • Choose your ‘Skype name’ – the name that you will use when using Skype.
  • Add alimlive to your Skype ID so we can communicate through Skype.
  • Test that everything is working using the automatic Skype test call.
  • If you are 100% satisfied with the free trial then agree the days & times for actual lessons.
  • When the time for online Quran class is agreed then you need to be online at arranged time.
  • Book Free Trial lesson by filling the request form.

How To Learn Quran Quickly?

Alim Live offers special Quran classes and fully focused online Quran lessons for children according to their level and age. Our online Quran teaching system for kids is fast and quick. Children make very very good progress in Quran learning by highly online Quran academy.

Alim Live is the best online Quran academy and offers online Quran classes with advance system of online Quran learning with online live tutors. We offer Guaranteed, Fast and Smart learning methods for teaching Quran online. Learn the holy Quran Online Anytime and Anywhere with High Quality Online Quran teachers. Online Quran teachers are based in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Middle East & Asia.

Aliml Live offers Online Quran tutoring service which is 100% flexible and it allows you to learn from the comfort of your home. Online Quran learning is an easy-to-use communication program allowing you to have a video link with your personal tutor as well as verbal contact.

Alim Live has a best team of excellent teachers who have studied from world’s renowned Islamic institutions and they have decades of experience in Arabic and tajweed teaching for children and adults.

Online Quran learning gives you flexible and best opportunity to choose best online Quran teacher. There are male and female online Quran teachers from Egypt are available to teach you or your children. Our online Quran teachers are very reliable and dedicated.

Alim Live designed Online Quran programs to learn the Quran so that everyone can easily read the holy Quran with the proper rules of the tajweed rules.

We offer one on one online Quran classes. Live voice communication and live Quran screen sharing software are used to deliver online Quran lessons.

You can learn Quran using the Skype or any of other screen sharing software like Zoom and GoToMeeting etc. Learning Quran Online is an interactive, convenient and affordable program.

Every new student can take up to three free trial sessions before signing up. It is completely free and there is no obligation to continue after taking the free trial. The sole purpose of this is to show you how easy to learn Quran online. ​ After the Free Trial sessions, you have choice to decide to continue or not.

How To Learn Quran Quickly?

All our Quran teachers are qualified. They have strong communication in English they are specialised to conduct online Quran classes for kids . We hire the teachers after completing all necessary checks. We check their relevant qualifications and experience. We provide a safe educational environment for children. We offer three free trial sessions for every student who is interned to learn Quran.

We offer one on one Online Quran Courses for Kids and your child get full time that is an average class time. By one to one online Quran learning, children get fully focused lessons and get full attention from the online Quran teacher. If you want your children to learn Quran fast & complete the holy Quran quickly then online Quran learning is the best way to learn Quran.


Zoom is very east and more interactive software to learn Quran online at home. After creating Zoom account, we need meeting ID or email which is associated with Zoom.

When we got this, we will arrange a free trial session to show you how the teachers will be teaching Quran online.

Quran Teachers

Alim Live offers online Quran classes by passionate and intelligent teaching by highly experienced Quran teachers.  We have professional and expert Quran teachers. It is great opportunity for you to learn with local Quran teachers or you can Quran online with local environment. We have only the best tutors from well-known institutions of Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies.

All our teachers are highly qualified and professional teacher for online Quran teaching for kids and adults. Most male and female teachers are graduated from the renowned Tajweed and Qura’t Universities in Egypt.

  • All teachers have Ihaajah in Tajweed & Qirat. They have an excellent command on Tajweed & Qira’t.
  • Quran teachers also Ijaazah in Quran memorization.
  • All teachers have expertise in dealing with children.
  • Our teacher are also fluent in speaking English. They have capability to teach the children and adult students in a friendly environment.
  • Quran teachers are dedicated to teach Quran and they always motivate the student to learn Holy Qura’n, Tajweed and Islamic education.

You can arrange one of best online Egyptian Quran teachers. Online Quran classes from Egypt can be Arranged for yourself or children.

The online Quran lessons we offer from Egypt are affordable.

Alim Live Tutors UK provides professional and qualified Quran teachers for Quran teaching to kids and adults. We never compromise when we select Quran and Arabic teachers. We choose excellent online Arabic teachers and online Quran teacher. We have a best of male and female Quran teachers. Generally ladies want female Quran teacher for themselves and also for their young children.

100% Peaceful Environment To Learn Quran

All our teachers have assessed before giving them responsible to teach.  We check their relevant education and also check the attestation of their Shahadas (degrees) and certificates. We check the experience in teaching the Quran. Especially, the experience of Quran teaching to the kids.

We provide 100% peaceful learning environment for the students. We also give the assurance that the Quran teachers we take to teacher Quran are professional and you can start learning Quran with them with 100% peace of mind.

The following are some of our Egyptian Quran and Arabic teachers who have dedicated their lives to learning, teaching and serving the Holy Quran:

Qualified Teacher

It is most important to choose qualified tutor who have good understanding about Quran.   Most of the teachers are not so famous but they provide quality education to their students. They provide the flexible environment to student and motivate them for their learning process. They are experienced in their work. They know how to deal with student and make the lesson easy for them that they learn easily.


Qari’s are expert in recitation. The have a good sense of recitation and Tajweed. Students who want to learn recitation and Tajweed , usually learn from them. We can also memorize the Quran from these Qari’s online. Online teaching is the best option for those who wants to learn individually.

Learn Quran With Tajweed

Reading and recitation of Quran is not same. Recitation means how to pronounce the words and verses with correct sound. Muslim must be serious about correct recitation of Quran.  There is very important knowledge of Quran, some rules that we must follow for good recitation. If we make mistake in the Quran, the meaning of verse will be changed.  Translation of Quran is present in every language of the world. Translation of Quran helps us to learn Tajweed easily. We can understand the meaning of word. It will help us in learning. Online Teachers helps us to learn Tajweed and improve our recitation skill.

Online Quran Classes From UK, Asia & Middle East

We offer Quran classes online from Middle East (Egypt, Jordan). We also offer online Quran classes via Skype from Pakistan. We have expert online Quran teachers who teach Quran online from the UK. Male & female Quran teachers are available to teach children and adults at their suitable timings.

You can arrange upto three free trial sessions. You can contact us if you are interested to book free trial sessions.