The journey of every human in life begins at birth and ends at death as define in Islam. When a child is born, its first contact with socialization is the parent. This suggests why the prophet of Allah (SAW), in a Hadith narrated by Muslim on the authority of Ibn ‘Umar said “Beware, every one of you is a shepherd and everyone

is answerable with regard to his flock.” He however furthered to maintain that the caliph is a shepherd over his subjects, same way a man is the guardian over his family. The duty of upbringing is one great one that Islam entrusts in the hand of the parent; and an abuse of which they shall be held accountable.

What to Teach Kids as Teenager

If the parent is expected to be the child’s first contact with civilisation, what kind of education will the child get from a Quran illiterate parent? This is a reason why parents should strive to learn Quran for their kids. In addition, there are several online Quran learning platforms for kids. There are online Quran teaching materials for kids, online Arabic classes for kids, online Quran tafsirs for kids and many more that parents can expose their children to at a very tender age. Through a Quran learning class for kids, kids will be exposed to the knowledge of the oneness of Allah. They will also learn that prophet Muhammad is Allah’s messenger and apostle.

After the Iman (Faith) of a child has been established, the next thing as parents is to urge the child to learn the holy Quran. One cannot be a Muslim without salat, and observation of Salat (prayer) itself will be impossible without good knowledge of the Quran. In today’s age of the internet, children can have access to several online Quran teaching materials for kids, online Arabic learning classes for kids, Quran tafsirs for kids, an Islam teaching platforms and so many others. Parents who wish to be the personal tutor for kids can also learn Quran online for their kids. They can take online Arabic Quran classes for kids, learn from online Quran tajwid classes or even make use of Quran learning mobile applications for the sake of their kids.

What Kids Should Learn at Adolescent

As kids progress in their journey to adulthood, their contact with socialisation assume a broader and more sensitive scope. Kids with good command of Quran knowledge, and can read Arabic Quran fluently with tajwid is of no doubt a step ahead of their contemporaries. Children must be well guided in their choices of a secondary mode of socialisation. Combining western education with Quran knowledge will help strike a perfect mental equilibrium in the mind of a child. Children that have the opportunity to learn Quran as kids, have access to online Quran teaching materials for kids, online Arabic learning classes for kids, and series of Quran tafsirs for kids are likely to grow into adolescence with piety.

Children that have access to online Quran teaching materials, online Arabic learning classes, series of Quran tafsirs and lots of online Quran stories are likely to grow up with clearly understanding of what is good and bad. The prophet (SAW) said “Good is that by which God’s pleasure is sought, and which is done according to the commandment of Allah” (Al-Ihtijaj, 1:42). Anything short of this simply suggests act or saying that is not in line with the commandment of Allah, and that is considered evil. Children must also be thought that good deed is not limited to one’s family members alone, but to include other people in the community at large.

In conclusion, the success of any given society depends on the success of every individual family as regards how well they manage their ward in the process of upbringing. The family, society and the country is best when the parent belief in the articles of faith, learn and recite the holy Quran, and behave in line with the teachings of the holy prophet Muhammad (SAW). When parents extol good virtues in the presence of their children, children will emulate such virtue and put them into use. A good Muslim is He with whom his community finds peace.