The coronavirus has disturbed the social and economic life all over the world. Corona cases are increasing day by day. Because of this, people are trapped in their homes. People can’t go out and meet anyone. In this situation, it is very difficult to go somewhere and learn something in an institute.

As we know reading Arabic and reciting Quran by itself is very difficult. We need a teacher all the time to learn it.  They enable us to learn the Quran in its entirety. Many online platforms provide Quran education in an interactive way.

Choose an institute.

The first step is to choose the best online Quran teaching institute. The institute should have a very good reputation.  Many educational institutes are providing Online Quran teaching. We can learn a lot in a better way from a trusted institute. If an institute is a famous one it does not mean that it is reliable. Many institutes that are not famous but they provide high-quality education and learning system. You can choose the best Online Quran academy that provides quality education.

Choose a Teacher.

The second most important thing is to choose a teacher. Choose an educated and qualified teacher who has a thorough knowledge of his subject.  If you want to learn recitation, your teacher must be capable to read the Quran properly .If you want to memorize the Quran. Your teacher must be Hafiz-e- Quran.  You can learn many other external courses like tajweed, Tafseer from a highly qualified tutor.

Learn Quran with Tajweed.

Tajweed means to read the Quran with its correct pronunciation.   It is a very important knowledge of the Quran. With the help of Tajweed, we can prevent the mispronunciation of Quranic words. You can make mistakes in reading the Quran if you don’t have any knowledge of Tajweed. There are some rules that every reader must be followed if he/she wants to follow the way that our Holy Prophet  SAWW recites the Quran. For accurate recitation, you should remember these rules.  Learn Tajweed before anything so that it becomes very easy to recite Quranic Verses with perfectly. If you want to become a good reciter, you must have a highly educated teacher that has full knowledge of Tajweed rules.

What to read.

While reciting the Quran we understand the meaning of the Quran, we need to know what we recite. Quran is in Arabic,  it is important to understand it besides while reading the verses. The Quranic verses are in classical Arabic language, for the students to learn vocabulary so that It becomes easy to understand the Quran-specific terminology. It will take time to learn but with the help of proper guidance of teacher students will learn everything very quietly and easy because most of the words are repeated so, it is not difficult to learn vocabulary.

The best result of online learning.

Many people think that it is very convenient to take online classes. In this situation that every person is a lock-in his house due to the corona pandemic, students have a  lot of time to take online classes and learn the Quran. But it may be very challenging to take online classes in the beginning,  students are required time management skills, willpower, strength, and many more things to become a successful learner.  Online classes are a very easy way to learn Quran without hesitation.