Being a practical Muslim is real life is Challenge. But there is huge reward from Allah if were proved a real Muslim. We would like to reap the best benefits of Islam in this worldly life.

Optimistic view of Allah, People Around

It is imperative that we construct an optimistic view of Allah and people around us.

We also definitely have a good understanding of ourselves.

Follow The Teachings of The Quran

As a regular practising Muslim, we face numerous struggles and challenges in our everyday life. These challenges bring about a radical change in our mindset and attitude to our surroundings. In spite of that, a truly Practising Muslim will never fret under any unfavourable circumstances.  A  true Muslim is devoted to the disciplines of Islam, prays to Allah(swt), follows the Prophets Sunnah and is guided by the rudimentary teachings of Koran.

Purify Our Minds From Negative Thoughts

The first step to becoming a pragmatic Muslim is to settle our mindset or viewpoint from all sorts of negative thoughts, egoistic reaction, envious perspective and insecurity about Shaytan. We must believe that even if Allah is angry, He will not overlook our penitence towards our unintentional/intentional mistakes. Allah will definitely forgive us if we promise to not give into our world desires persuaded by Shaytan.

If we can manage to inculcate this positive mindset within us and develop a stronger connection with Allah, we’re bound to be blessed with His divine support, attain peace in our life, find ways to purify our thoughts and fight against the hostile occurrences around us.

Good Relations With All People

It is also essential that Muslims maintain a good, humble and meaningful relationship with their elders, juniors, colleagues in the society and most definitely their family. Our parents are the first people to introduce us to Islam and also taught how to remain calm in tense moments keeping our faith only in Allah.

Sufficient Knowledge OF Islam

As a new Muslim, an individual can start by getting to learn the Arabic language by heart and more about their DEEN. If necessitate get in contact with a Muslim teacher or Scholar to have the perfect understanding about Islamic ethics. By gaining sufficient knowledge about the Quran, a Muslim will learn to act with humility, focus on exercising Islam in everyday life, use their intellect to differentiate between the just and unjust and always be able to express gratitude to the never ending Niamats of ALLAH.

Reflection To Find The True Organic Nature Of Islam

A Muslim will have to constantly reflect upon themselves to find the true organic nature of Islam and understand what essence or message it has been trying to insinuate for thousands of years for mankind. Beside Fridays, a Muslim will force themselves to go to Masjid for every Salat (if possible) because it will not only open doors to diverse opportunities but also strengthen the Islamic community or fraternity by interacting with like-minded and long-lasting friends in the Masjid.

A Muslim will not only greet his Muslim friends saying “As-salamu ‘Alaykum” (Peace be upon you) upon seeing.

In order to avoid loneliness, A Muslim should never severe ties with friends, families or colleagues, rather engage more in social services to attain contentment of mind.

Vigilant What Others Think Of You

Being a Muslim, you also have to remain vigilant what others think of you. By that we mean fighting extremism. A Muslim will not have radicalized notion about the current state of affairs globally rather have progressive viewpoint based upon scientific research and logic.

Allah, the merciful, will keep providing us and remove all sorts of stress or worry that pains us. For that we have to attain nearness to Allah, remind ourselves of the countless blessings he has bestowed upon us, find comfort in His worship, maintain faithful association with our Muslim companions and attain the practical Islamic teachings from divine resources. Ameen.