Urdu Learning Courses

Urdu is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. There are more than 80 million native speakers of Urdu across the globe and more than one billion people who understand this language. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and one of the 22 official languages spoken in India. It is considered a very polite language.

Urdu is mutually comprehensible with Hindi – also spoken in India. In fact, to most people the two languages actually appear to be one. The collective population of Hindi and Urdu speakers is the fourth largest in the world.

Urdu is recognized as one of the main languages of Muslims in South Asia. It came into existence when the Indian sub-continent was conquered by Muslims and was established under the inspiration of Persian, Arabic, and Turkic over the passage of almost 900 years. Consequently, Urdu has a large number of Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit words.

We offer all levels of Urdu language courses and online lessons via Skype and you can learn Urdu very fast with native Urdu teacher. We offer Urdu lessons with female Urdu teacher for ladies and children.

Qualified female Urdu teachers are also available to teach online. You can choose your own teacher and your own timings and start speaking Urdu in a few months with a native Urdu speaking teacher.


This course is for absolute beginners and is intended to enable basic communication using the four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students learn how to read and write Urdu letters, words and sentences and build up a vocabulary.


  • Read words and sentences from Urdu scripture
  • Have a basic vocabulary of Urdu words
  • Read Urdu letters with the correct pronunciation
  • Read the alphabet
  • Give answers to basic questions
  • Join letter and words
  • Write words and sentences
  • Speak at a basic level
  • Have basic understanding of Urdu culture


The object of this course is to enable students to build up their skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening using their basic prior knowledge of the language.


  • Speak clearly while having a basic conversation
  • Read basic sentences fluently
  • Be able to write long and short sentences properly
  • Understand short, simple sentences
  • Be familiar with the different structures of sentences


The object of this course is to enable students to build up their prior knowledge and skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening using their intermediate or equivalent level of the Urdu language.


  • Translate simple sentences from one language into other.
  • Do introductory speech on different topics
  • Read and understand longer sentences
  • Be familiar with basic Urdu grammar


This course is designed for students who have successfully completed upper intermediate Urdu or have sufficient knowledge required for this advanced level.


  • Use different Urdu dictionaries properly
  • Read and understand complex sentences
  • Write simple essays
  • Have adequate knowledge of Urdu grammar
  • Read and summaries texts


This is a course designed for those who work in or have business in Urdu speaking countries and need to be able to communicate with Urdu speaking colleagues. Ideal for professionals and students who already have an advanced level of Urdu and who want to be able to give presentations, write letters or conduct sales negotiations. Candidates will also be schooled in topics such as appropriate language in telephone and office communication, cultural issues and socializing with clients.

This course is taught by specialized, native speaking teachers who have expertise in providing business language training to professional people. We offer intensive language courses that are tailor made to your precise requirements. You also have the opportunity to choose the times of the lessons according to your requirements


This unique course has been produced for those who want to learn enough Urdu to survive in an Urdu speaking environment. It is an intensive course suitable for absolute beginners who have no prior experience of the language and focuses on practical language skills to assist you in everyday communication along with information on local culture, customs and traditions.

So whether you are travelling to an Urdu speaking country for business, to visit friends or family or just for a holiday you will be capable of doing a number of things including: be able to introduce yourself, have basic social interactions, and ask for directions with confidence.

This course is taught by native speakers who are experienced in teaching not only the language also the cultural and social aspects.

This is a 12-week course, comprising of 18 hours of lessons (this can be modified if requested).


This course is an improvement course aimed at students who have a basic knowledge of the Urdu language and who are able to read and recognise the Urdu letters.

This course is designed f to improve your conversational and speaking skills. This course is aimed at students who have a basic understanding of the Urdu language and want to focus on oral communication. The course will focus on improving fluency and accuracy of the sentences and functional language

During the lessons you will develop oral communication skills in a number of different areas including everyday situation and daily lives.

Learning objects:

  • Communicate orally with clear pronunciation
  • Improve reading and recognition of the Urdu alphabet
  • Speak Urdu in everyday situations
  • Build up confidence with both speaking and listening
  • Develop fluency and clarity of speech.
  • Have more fluency in conversation
  • Be able to speak in more detail
  • Understand and respond to questions
  • Speak with greater confidence and ability
  • Have improvement in some of your own communication issues.

If you are interested in Urdu Conversational Course, either online or at your home please call on 02079938060 or 07877747556