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Allah Subhanahu Watala sent dow his final and last book the Holy Quran for the guidance of humanity. Join our online tajweed courses to learn Quran

By reading and learning the Quran mankind understand what is right and what is wrong for them. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala told us the purpose of the revelation the Quran that this holy book is guidance the righteous people.

Are you looking a professional and an experienced Quran teacher who can teach exactly according to your needs and purpose?

Alim Live is a unique Quran institute providing enthusiastic Arabic teachers who can teach how to read and recite Quran properly. We offer comprehensive Quran reading courses and Quran lessons for kids and adults of all levels and ages.

We at Alim Live has a best team of excellent teachers who have studied from world’s renowned Islamic institutions and they have decades of experience in Quran, Qira’t and tajweed teaching for children and adults.

We 100% flexibility in our online Quran learning program for Quran teaching. You can start and join any time and there no limit for ages and ability. We have a vast variety of Quran reading with Tajweed courses so you can have the choice to choose the course which is best suited to your individual needs.

Quran Reading Course For Beginners

This course is specially designed for adults and children to learn Quran from the beginning.

This course is for every student who wants to read and recite the Quran and they would like to read the Quran from a beginner’s stage. This course for beginners is first step towards learning the Quran with Tajweed.

This course is tailored to the age and level of the student.

This is structured Quran course for absolute beginners. We carefully considered every aspect of Quran reading course for beginners.

At the end of course the students should have the capability to read Quran under the supervision of experienced Quran teacher.

  • To recognize the separate forms of the Arabic letter.
  • To pronunciation accurately the Arabic letter will 100% Arabic accent.
  • To recognize Arabic letters with their joint forms (Beginning, middle  and ending forms)
  • To join letters in order to make words
  • To read, recognize and practice with exercises the short vowels’ sounds (Fat,hah, Dhammah, Kasrah) with the required length
  • To read and practice the long vowels sounds in Arabic
  • To recognize and read Jazm, Shaddah, Sukoon and Tanween and  practice
  • To recognize Madd categories and read for the appropriate duration
  • Recognize the STOP and PAUSE signs in the Quran
  • Huroof Muqatta’aat
  • Stopping denoting pauses (Ramoozul Auqaf)

Books and Material for Quran Learning For Beginners

We do not recommend any special book for Quran reading for beginners course, however, we often use Ahsanul-Qawaid, Qaidah Noorania, Noorul Bayan, Yessenu-Quran and other small books for beginners of Quran reading. If you are interested in taking Quran lessons online over Skype then we can share our material by video calling.

We also offer a Free Qaidah book as a gift for beginners

We have 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes online Quran learning classes for beginners. You have the chance to learn Quran online and can Sign Up for online Quran classes via Skype.

Quran Nazirah Course

This is the next step in Quran learning and very important for those students who have successfully completed the basic Quran reading Course. Quran Nazirah is designed to help students to recite the Quran correctly without relying on transliteration not reading Arabic text or translation in English or just memorization without recognizing the shape of the Arabic letters. At the end of the course participants should be able to read the Quran Tajweed proficiently.

We provide courses and lessons at all levels to children and adults.

  • Read in Quran accurately and fluently
  • Having knowledge of stopping and pausing signs(Ramoozul Auqaf)
  • Recognizing and implementing the stopping signs in the Quran
  • Reading Quran without making mistakes
  • Reading Quran with Tajweed rules
  • Completions of the whole Quran with Tajweed rules
  • Learning Quran with Ijaazah holder teacher (Specelised in Tajweed)

Quran Tasfeer Course

For those who can read the Quran proficiently and with proper Tajweed and have some basic understanding of the meaning of the Quran this course will enable the learner to increase their understanding.

This course is offered online and at the institute by teachers who specialize in the verses of the Quran and are capable of teaching the basic rules of Tasfeer.

Quran Translation Course

Our Quran translation course is designed for people who already know how to read the Quran but need help to understand its meaning. This course deals with the factual definitions and special terms of the Holy Quran. This is the main purpose of the revelation of the Quran to understand it and act up according to its guidance.

We do not recommend books for this translation course. Every student is different and our Quran tutors choose the appropriate book after the initial assessment of the student. This course is available in London for UK students and mainly available online because we need for this course teachers who are expert in classical Arabic.

Methods of Quran Translation Learning

Every student is different according to the goals what they want to achieve and how they want o understand from Quran. The simple and easiest way to learn translation is to learn Quran translation from the language they are comfortable with and they have to rely on any acceptable and reliable translation of renowned Muslim scholars (Ulamaas). For beginners, this is the easiest way to learn Quran translation.

There is another to understand the Holy Quran directly without relying on Quran translation. This is although, time taking and need struggle but it is more beneficial than learning Quran translation from translation of Quran. We have classical Arabic courses to make a student of Quran to understand the Holy Quran directly in Arabic language.

  • Translate the literal meanings
  • Word by word definitions
  • Basic terms
  • Basic Arabic grammar rules
  • Reading first two parts of Quran with translation

Introduction to Tajweed Courses

The Arabic word Tajweed (Tajwid) is a verbal noun (Masdar) from jawwada, meaning ‘proficiency’. When applied to Quran it means to recite every letter of the Quran with its rights and dues of characteristics and observing all the rules that are required when reading the Quran. Tajweed is one of the most important and prominent knowledge and sciences of the Quran. When the Quran was revealed there was no need for people to study Tajweed because their natural style of talking was similar to the classical Arabic (Quranic Arabic). They used to apply all Tajweed’s rules when they speak. They use to do Ghunnah (nasalization)  and Qaqalah jerking the sound) etc. Now, however, today’s spoken and written Arabic has so much changed from the Quranic Arabic so that even Arabs have to learn Tajweed.

Here at Alim Live we encourage people to learn Quran with proper Tajweed. We run courses for adults and children, providing lessons of Tajweed one-to-one, online and in small groups in London, Birmingham and some other areas of the UK.  These courses are designed for students who have already completed the basic reading course of Quran (Quranic Qaeda).

Tajweed for Beginners Course

All Muslims have an obligation to learn Quran how it was revealed by using and learning the rules of Tajweed. We offer special courses and lessons of Tajweed to learn Quran by applying the rules of Tajweed. We are specialized in providing Tajweed courses for beginners and advance levels. These Tajweed courses will help all levels of learners to improve their skills of Quran reading with Tajweed rules.

If you are not very confident in Quran reading with Tajweed by applying Tajweed rules or have trouble with pronunciation to read Arabic letters (Makhaarijul Huroof) then this Tajweed learning course would be beneficial for you. Not only will you be taught the exact pronunciation of the Arabic letters but will also learnt Arabic letters with their origin which is a requirement of recitation.

Learning Quran with Tajweed is foundation for every beginner and very important because if the beginners students of Tajweed have not learn properly from the basic of Quranic letters with a qualified Tajweed teacher then they will be struggling and might have to redo what they have learnt. We provide courses and lessons at all levels to children and adults.

Who is this course for?

This course is for absolute beginners even they are not able to recognize Arabic alphabets or for those who learnt the Holy Quran but want to correct the pronunciation of the Arabic letters and want to learn Quran with proper Tajweed rules.

By the end of this course you will be able to read the Quran fluently and accurately while adhering to the basic rules of Tajweed.

  • Recognize the shapes of Arabic letters
  • Read Quranic letters with correct pronunciation (Makharij)
  • Read the Arabic alphabet and know the origins
  • Read the Quran with accuracy
  • Learn by heart the last 10 Suras of Quran using Tajweed rules
  • Read exceptional rules of Qira’ah (Quran recitation)
  • Recognize joint forms of the Arabic alphabet
  • Reading letters requiring Tafkhaam (heavy sounds)
  • Venue of Quran Learning with Tajweed Course

We also offer first free online lesson. We are offering free trial of online Quran learning with Tajweed to see whether it works for you. Book free lesson for online Quran learning.

Course Duration of Quran Learning with Tajweed

Everybody student of Quran learning is different but we always promise fast and effective progress. Normally most of our students complete this course withing 20-25 hours if they are taking one to one lessons by one to one lessons.

Intermediate Level Tajweed

In this course lessons will be facilitated by reading Quran and practical exercises about the rules. Students who have successfully completed the beginner level will have gained an awareness of the basic rules of Tajweed. At this level we teach more rules and focus on accuracy and fluency when reading. However, more emphasis is placed on developing recitation skills (Tilaawah).

  • Learn the rules of Ghunnah, Izhaar, Ikhfaa, Hamzatul, and Raa’
  • Learn to read the word of Allah
  • Learn the rules of Meem Saakina
  • Learn the rules of Laam Sakinah
  • Read the letters of Qalqalah using Tajweed rules
  • Ramooz ul Auqaaf

We provide courses and lessons at all levels to children and adults.

These lessons can be held at your home (private tuition), school or office or any convenient place or even online.

We also run small group lessons and courses.

Advanced Tajweed

For people who wish to progress from intermediate to advanced we have this course. Learning the rules in-depth this course provides detailed explanations of Tajweed rules with Arabic terms. Throughout the course students are given lots of opportunities to practice the rules and recite the Quran with natural style.

By the end of this course successful candidates will have a strong understanding of the and be able to use them appropriately.

  • Implementation of Tajweed rules by reciting some Surahs
  • Know the mandatory attributes of Arabic letters (Sifaat e Lazimah)
  • Know the temporary attributes of Arabic letters (Sifaat e AAridhah)
  • Know types and rules of assimilation (Idghaam)

If you are interested in Advance Tajweed Course, either online or at your home please call on 02079938060 or 07877747556 or Register Now.

All our online courses are offered by Skype & Zoom. These online courses are available 24/7. You can even start today for online Skype lessons to learn Quran online via Skype at your own flexible timings.

We offer up to absolutely free trial sessions before signing up. It is completely free and there is no obligation to continue after taking three free trials. The sole purpose of this is to show you how easy and flexible method of online Arabic learning and learning Quran online. After the Free Trial sessions, you have choice to decide whether you would like to continue or not.

If you are interested in any of Tajweed Courses, please contact us.

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