Changes In Online Quran Tutoring Services Due To Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To maintain social distance we did some changes in offering our online Quran classes & online teaching services. It might affect our existence students, new students and online Quran teachers.

  • We are not offering private Quran home tuition (face to face Quran lessons) anymore until further notice .
  • We also stooped in person consultancy.
  • We also stopped receiving weekly fee less than £25
  • We are offering only one to one online classes. You learn online via zoom and via Skype at home.
  • Because of working from home and short of staff there might delays in receiving the salaries to the teachers and staff.
  • Because of high demand of our online Quran teachers we are not offering more than 2 free trails sessions
  • Because of huge demand of online Quran One to one to one lessons we are considering sharing classes from 5 to 10 students if we have shortage of our most Experinced and quailed Arab teachers.

For more information you can CONTACT US or call us +442079935913