The period of gift has arrived once more. This is the long stretch of bliss and heaps of gifts and boundless bounties for every one of the Muslims comprehensively from our Almighty Allah. It is the approach of a month that is loaded up with boundless endowments. The thirty days of Ramadan require a Muslim to watch one of the five mainstays of Islam, fasting. This month causes every one of the Muslims to refrain themselves from all the awful deeds and to grow great behaviors in them.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the Islamic month which falls on the ninth month of the Islamic lunar timetable. Amid this favored month, Muslims around the world refuse sustenance, drink, and other physical needs in the light. Muslims trust it’s a great opportunity to purge the spirit, center consideration around God and practice benevolence.

Ramadan is the period of re-assessment in which Muslims reexamine their life as indicated by the Islamic direction. It is an ideal opportunity to reinforce ties with family and companions and to tidy up mind body and soul to have a quiet existence. “Sawm” (Fasting) is the Arabic word which actually signifies “to hold back” – It implies avoiding sustenance and drink, yet from malevolence activities, considerations and words.

Allah Almighty says about the month of Ramadan that in this month, the doors of Heaven are tossed open, the entryways of Hell are shut and all the devils are banded in this month.

Our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said,

“At the point when the primary night of Ramadan comes, the fallen angels and the defiant jinn are anchored, the entryways of Hell are bolted and none of them is opened; the doors of Paradise are opened and none of them is bolted; and a messenger calls, ‘You who want what is great, approached, and you who want underhanded, abstain.’ Some are liberated from Hell by Allah, and that happens each night.” (Tirmidhi).

Importance of Ramadan

The below points show the importance of Ramadan:

The Revelation of the Holy Quran:

Heavenly Quran was first uncovered in the long stretch of Ramadan.

The Fourth Pillar of Islam:

Fasting is the fourth Pillar of Islam.


Fasting accomplishes Taqwa which means performing activities which please Allah and keeping away from those activities that disappoint Him.

The Month of Quran:

Ramadan is known to be the long stretch of the Quran. It is profoundly prescribed in the Ramadan to peruse and ponder the Holy Quran and to impart to other people.

The Night of Decree (Laylat al-Qadr):

Ramadan includes The Night of Decree (Laylat al-Qadr) which is superior to a thousand months.

The Door of Paradise are Opened:

In this Holy month, the entryways of Paradise are opened, doors of Hell are shut and the fallen angels are tied up.


Umrah in Ramadan is considered equal to the Hajj.


Muslims watch I’tikaaf in the Ramadan particularly over the ending 10 days of this Holy month.


It is an exceptionally remunerating act in Ramadan to offer Iftaar to the individuals who are fasting.


It is likewise profoundly prescribed to give Zakat and Sadaqah in the Ramadan.


Ramadan is an ideal opportunity to wash the body and soul from all pollution and re-center around self and God. Amid Ramadan, all aspects of the body must be limited to accomplish the virtue. Eyes must not take a gander at unlawful things and hand must not contact or take whatever does not have a place with it. Ears must not tune in to sit talk and vulgar words. The tongue ought to be controlled from undesirable tattle and belittling. In such a way, all aspects of the body watch the Sawm to accomplish immaculateness. Fasting is obligatory on each Muslim. Learn Quran to know more about Ramadan.