Islam has given so much important the rights old parents. After the rights of Allah and His prophet (Muhmmad PBUH) the 2nd important rights are the rights of parents.

Islamic rights are so many, among the most important of which is the parent’s rights.

Islam pays special attention to the family and encourages care, love and respect within it. The parents are the base and foundation of the family. Parents’ rights have been emphasized by our beloved Prophet PBUH. He said: “Goodness towards parents is the greatest obligatory act.”. Islam emphasizes to obey the parents even they are disbelievers in Islam.

When we think about our parents, words like kindness, affection, care, love, forgiveness etc come into our minds. They are the reason why one exists in this word.

Mother rights in Islam:-

Mother’s rights are more emphasized in Islam than father. Mother is considered to be the symbol of paradise in Islam. The reason to emphasized mothers right is because she is the one who is responsible to take care of a child even before the birth and after birth also. She understands a child’s language even when the baby can’t speak a single word properly.

Respect for mother:-

Respect and love for mother is considered most important in Islam. Allah has puts mother’s right over that of the father for what she endures in pregnancy, delivery, nursing and raising her children, that’s why mothers deserve obedience and respect.

Right of Custody:-

Islam admits the importance of mother and emphasizes the rights of mothers and their feelings because a divorced mother has greater rights and is worthier of looking after her children than the father.


Islam has made mother the source of breast feeding for the child so it is important for us to love and care our mother.

Father’s Rights:-

Fathers plays an important role in child’s life. Fathers are central to the emotional well being of their children; they are capable taking care and disciplinarians. Let’s look at the fathers’ rights in Islam.


Guardianship is the main right of the father for family or children because father has to take decisions relating to medical issues, education, marriage of children’s, religion and travel and many more.

Equal treatment for children:-

It is necessary for a father to treat all his children equally in all the matters otherwise it would produce jealousy and hated among them. There should be equally treatment among the children’s specially girls. Girls should not be given less importance than the boys.

Discipline of the family:-

Father has a major right to take care of family in well-disciplined way. It is only impossible through the father that a family can run in a well manner way.

Love for family:-

Make sure your children are aware of your love for them. They’re not perfect and neither are you, but love is perfect, so show your love as often as possible.

Conclusion: As Muslims is is our great responsibility to take care of the parents when parents get older because they start to carry different kinds of diseases, pains and mental worries, so it is our responsibility to to give them more time and respect and care about their health to cope with such troubles. You need to learn Quran for detailed rights of the parents and better understanding of Islam.