Memorisation of the Quran is a blessing of allah and every Muslim wants to memorize the Quran even the last short suras of juz amma.

There are some tips which make Hifdhul Quran easier and faster.

1)- Special time for memorization of the Quran.

You can read Quran and memorise it 24/7 but there are certain times when you feel more focused. You can choose the time for hifdhul when you feel you are fully focused.

2)- Frequently read the Quran as much as much you can. Read one or more ayaat as many times as you can until you think that you have memorise.

3)- Listen the recitation of the holy Quran as many times as you can. Listing of the Quran repeatedly helps you to save the Ayaat of the Quran for long time in your mind.

4)- Revision of the Quran as much as much you can. Read and revise the Quran whenever you have chance because if you do not revise the parts of the Quran you memorised then you can forget what you have memorised.

5)- Fluency in Quran reading:- Learning Quran with correct pronunciation and reading Quran with Tajweed also helps in Quran memorization. So first step to memorize Quran is to learn Quran fluently and learning Quran with Tajweed.