Quran is a book of guidance and it gives the guidance to the humanity in every single step. Especially Quran is a guide book for every Muslim. We are Muslims Alhamdul Lillah and read short Sura sin daily prayers but it is not enough to rely on this and we have to increase the time for more Quran recitation.

There are few steps if we follow then we can make our routine to read Quran every day:

Making Intention:-

Making good intention is the foundation of every good deed.  When we read the holy Quran get huge reward and get close to Allah. We get closer to Allah SWT if we have close relation with the holy Quran and certainly Quran will keep us on the right path and take us to Jannah.

Make A Plan For Quran Reading:

After Making intention you need to fix how many Ayat, Ruku or Suras or pages you need to read. More manageable is that if you fix how many pages you need to read in a day because in every page there are the same lines. Some copies of the Quran have 14 lines, in some, 15 lines etc.  You can easily manage how many pages you can read in a day.

Be Committed For Quran Recitation:-

After making the intention we must be commented to read the holy Quran every day in every circumstance. Maybe it is hard to get on with this for few days but after that you will get used to it.

Set Your Priorities:-

You also put Quran reading in your first priority list if you wan to read Quran daily. As a Muslim our relation with the holy Quran is not for Ramadhan only and in certain occasions. We have to read the Quran every day.  If we give the priority to Quran reading then definitely, we will be managed to recite the Quran everyday. If Quran reading is not in our priorities  then we have excuse that we do not have time for it.

From today we should make strong commitment to read Quran everyday.