Quran is the book of Allah. Allah gave knowledge to Muslims through Quran.it is very important to understand and learn for every Muslim. Children can learn the Quran very quickly as compared to adults. There are many ways to learn Quran quickly and easily.

How to Start Learning

In order to learn the Quran, one must have a basic education. If we can read the words with correct pronunciation, it will not be difficult to learn.  An experienced teacher is needed to recognize the words and sounds of words of Quran. If we learn to read by combining words, it would be easy to recite the verse.

Learn With Dedication

The most important is to learn it with full dedication. Quran should be learned little by little, even if it takes a few more days, but there is no mistake.  Quran should be read with full attention and understanding. Don’t try to learn too fast, it will forget it too fast.

Remove All Distractions

It is necessary when sitting down the Quran learning turn off all electronic gadgets like mobile phone electronic games social media etc and the rest of all toys that we possess. Choose a quiet place that will be free of visual and auditory distractions.

When you will regularly sit down to memorize the Quran inform your family not to interrupt during those times. Invite your family to learn the Quran along with you.

 Not to skip any day of learning even if it’s just an ayah, because it might disrupt your routine and you will stop learning completely.

Learn Quran Fast With Translation

Quran is the book that has guidance for everyone whether they are Muslim or non-Muslims. It’s not difficult to learn. Besides, it is only the book that is easy to learn if we understand the translation of verses. If you learn translation it will be easy to learn and memorized.

Use of Modern Technology

  Today, it is very easy to learn the Quran using modern technology. If there is a problem to go outside for learn. We can take one to one sessions. In these sessions, the teacher will teach with full attention. The teacher will motivate you and provide full guidance for quickly learning. A maximum number of tutors are here to provide different facilities for learning and memorizing the Quran.


Learning the Quran requires a lot of practice. Only then it will be well remembered. Make sure that you are punctual and set a time for recitation with full concentration. It requires a lot of willpower but when you look for blessing and reward of learning the Quran you feel easy to learn.

Quran Home Tuition & Online Quran Learning

You can choose the option to arrange an online Quran tutor or you can can arrange Quran home tutor to learn Quran at home.

Read Verses In Prayer

Repeated recitation of the Quran would memorize the verses.  We should recite these verses in prayers. Recite the verses at the end of the prayer. While learning the Quran, you must finish the whole Quran once.


Learning the Quran has been a success in life and afterlife.by learning the Quran and following its teaching we can have the pleasure of Allah. Implement the Quranic rules in life. Life becomes more easy and flexible. Make a habit to recite every day. May Allah almighty help everyone to learn the Quran and follow the path of the Quran.