The Arabic word Tajweed (Tajwid) is a verbal noun (Masdar) from jawwada, meaning 'proficiency'. When applied to Quran it means to recite every letter of the Quran with its rights and dues of characteristics and observing all the rules that are required when reading the Quran. Tajweed is one of the most important and prominent knowledge and sciences of the Quran. When the Quran was revealed there was no need for people to study Tajweed because their natural style of talking was similar to the classical Arabic (Quranic Arabic). They used to apply all Tajweed's rules when they speak. They use to do Ghunnah (nasalization)  and Qaqalah jerking the sound) etc. Now, however, today‚Äôs spoken and written Arabic has so much changed from the Quranic Arabic so that even Arabs have to learn Tajweed.

Here at Alim Live we encourage people to learn Quran with proper Tajweed. We run courses for adults and children, providing lessons of Tajweed one-to-one, online and in small groups in London, Birmingham and some other areas of the UK.  These courses are designed for students who have already completed the basic reading course of Quran (Quranic Qaeda). 

Tajweed Courses:

If you are interested in Tajweed Courses, either online or at your home please call on 02079938060 or 07877747556 or Register Now.


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